Airing My Clean Laundry

I have a sweet friend (www.ashleighcarroll.com) who just adopted her fourth kiddo from Ethiopia. She sent me a list of “blog request topics” today. One of her requests was a post on “Ottinger house systems” …and she mentioned the “L Word”….yes you got it ….LAUNDRY!!!!!! I had to laugh..hehehehe… b/c if there is ever a system that is in constant need of repair at my house it is that one.

So I am fighting the deep urge to tell you that I have it all figured out and put my “best foot forward”. Instead, I am going to go the authentic honest route. You have heard the saying “Airing your dirty laundry” well today I thought I would “Air my clean laundry” for all of cyber space to see.

As with every broken system there is always a point of breakdown, for me that is when the laundry has to be folded. I can manage to get it through the wash and then…….it finds its way to my folding station (which doubles as a guest bed). Here is a picture taken just a moment ago….

This is the clean laundry for the last 3 days.

Funny enough, tonight I have some time slotted out to fold it. But thought I would show the real side of things first.

That is the way things roll here. I wash for a few days then take a few hours, fold it and have the kids help me put it away.

I have had high hopes of being the mom that folds and puts every load away straight from the dryer….but some dreams have to die =).

I have found for my pace of life this system (even with its imperfections) works best for me.

I have a small basket labeled with every kiddos name on it. When I am folding I will call them to come get their basket, put the laundry away and bring it back empty for me to fill up again. I have also let go of my OCD need to have the kids drawers orderly and perfect. When I started letting them put their own clothes away I had to stop fretting over the condition of the drawers.  In fact, many times the kids mess up the clothes before they ever get inside the drawers. In this season it is about letting them help which means it WILL NOT BE PERFECT!!!!!

I also have on their “Morning Responsibilities” List (will talk about details in another post) to check their laundry baskets for any clothes I may have folded after they went to bed. I do my best folding during a a “tivo-ed” show around 10pm.

This may not help you fix all your laundry problems….but I hope it helps you feel like you are in good company. Isn’t there another saying….”Misery Loves Company”!!

Happy folding!

3 thoughts on “Airing My Clean Laundry”

  1. Thanks for tackling a blog on my “Tona to-blog list”!!! Laundry is just so menacing with 4 kids. Thankfully John helps a ton with this chore…I’m pretty good at folding, it’s the putting away that is my demise.

  2. How wonderful!! Just wish I had had such good advice when
    I was traveling the road that has you occupied day and night.
    How lucky are the precious children that call you Mom.

  3. How wonderful! Just wish I had had such good advice when
    I was traveling the road that has you occupied day and night. Lucky are the precious children that call you Mom

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