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Happy 2nd Liver Birthday Dax~What we have “learned”

I really can not let the day pass without taking a moment to wish sweet Dax a “Happy 2nd Liver Birthday”.

In some ways the last two years seem to have lasted a decade in other ways it seem like just yesterday we got the looooong awaited call that it was liver time.

I am not sure what I expected to “feel” today and it has actually been difficult to put my finger on it. I read a quote yesterday that says “pain and peace can coexist”. I absolutely agree with that. Over the past six years, as we have faced the ups and downs of Dax’s health journey there have been many days of overwhelming pain and uncertainty. But, at every twist and turn we have felt the presence of our tender and loving Heavenly Father lavishing us with His peace.  We have found Him to be good and true, we have found His word to be a great source of strength, and we have learned to be still and listen to His voice. We have learned to celebrate each day that we have on this side of eternity, while keeping our eyes fixed on the other side. We have learned not to get too worked up about the little things. We have learned that we are more joyful when we spend our life on the things that will last for all eternity. We have found the value of true friendship and community. We have found the blessing in God’s beautiful design in marriage and family. We have found that people need to be met in the deepest time of despair with a loving, non judgmental listening ear and prayerful gracious countenance. We are learning to value the treasure and joy of the “mystery of the gospel”. We have learned that joy truly is different from happiness. We have learned that often when you operate your life out of fear you may miss some “momentary pain” but you are sure to miss some “monumental blessing”. We have learned the value of remembering God’s faithfulness in the past…it increases your faith and trust in the moment.

As we tucked our kids in bed tonight…they are all sleeping on the den floor…it is “slumber party night”….my heart is full and joyful for the blessing of my family. My heart is also heavy and grieving for the donor family that did not get to tuck their sweet kiddo in bed tonight. I am asking God to touch their hearts in the tender way only He can. We are so very thankful that in a moment of unbearable loss two years ago today, they chose to bless our family through organ donation.

I am thankful for the doctors and nurses who have become dear friends by loving and caring for not just Dax but our family as well. I am thankful for our family and friends who have been such a sweet “live-giving” support to us! We are BLESSED beyond measure!!!!!!

I will end tonight’s post with one of my favorite quotes:

“May God bless you as you continue to discover His hidden miracles in your life. If you listen for His voice, look for His help, and long for His appearing, you will sense His presence in every battle, victory, sorrow and joy” -Bruce Carroll


1 thought on “Happy 2nd Liver Birthday Dax~What we have “learned””

  1. What a wonderful, and heartfelt message. Thank you for sharing it with us, Tona. Oh, and Happy 2nd Liver Birthday to Dax!!! Please give everyone a BIG hug from the Chastain Crew!

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