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Finishing Up a Tough Book

I am just finishing up one of the hardest books I have read in a very long time. “Orphans of the Living – Stories of America’s Children in Foster Care” by Jennifer Toth.

A few things you should know before you rush to Amazon and purchase:

  • It is a VERY VERY REAL account of what the 5 foster kids went through – sometimes making the content hard and violent
  • It is not a “Christian Book” and does not end with the hope that we know we have IN CHRIST to see redemptive work
  • It was written 15 years ago, so there have been some reforms in the system since this book was written
  • It was written by the same author that wrote “Mole People” -the book investigating communities of homeless people who live in the tunnels under NYC
  • It takes 5 children’s stories and follows them through the system – including their parents homes, relatives homes, orphanages, group homes, foster homes, and on the streets

So, why do I suggest you consider reading it??? I think about Christ and how he looked right into the face of depravity and showed compassion.  That is what we as his followers must do.  We need to turn our blind eye and be willing to see the pain, so that we can move to compassionate action, knowing that there is HOPE IN CHRIST.  This book will give you a bird’s-eye view right to the heart of the matter.

For those who choose to read it. I would love your feedback when you are done.

Wish I could sign off “Happy Reading” but it might should be “Reality Reading”


2 thoughts on “Finishing Up a Tough Book”

  1. My copy of this book came in the mail a couple of days ago. I started reading the Forward and Authors notes last night and as I went to bed I prayed for the Lord to give me insight as I read this book as to the reality of what I could encounter with CASA. I didn’t think I wanted to start it as I was trying to go to sleep. I don’t watch Oprah much but happened to see her show yesterday on the twins that were abused by their brothers and their father from the age.of 5-13.. I left and went to Casa training shortly thereafter and I think the Lord is giving me glimpses of reality into what is happening to so many of our children. I pray for the strength to meet them where they are in their pain and fear and to have some small amount of comfort to give them. . Thank you for having the courage to read this and to tell me about it.

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