Dax’s GREAT Test Results

Dax’s GREAT Test Results!!!!!

Just talked to the liver transplant coordinator and got great news on Dax’s test results!!!!

-The ultra sound shows increased blood flow to his liver, in spite of the fact that his hepatic artery (main blood supply to the bile duct system of the liver) is totally occluded (clogged). His body continues to grow new small veins to supply blood flow!!! MIRACLE!!!!

-The CT scan showed no signs cancer!!! His last CT showed a very very tiny questionable spot on one lung. That has been a source of concern for us the last 6 months….IT IS GONE!!! TOTALLY GONE!!!!!!!!!! His tumor markers (signs of cancer in blood work) have continued to stay low, so we had hoped this would be the case….but such a huge relief to get a validation by scan.

Continuing to Celebrate EACH day that the Lord gives us with each of our sweet children and learning the lesson of trust apart from circumstances!


3 thoughts on “Dax’s GREAT Test Results”

  1. I’m so very excited about Dax’s good results. I understand now more then ever how exciting good numbers can make your heard 🙂 Praise the Lord for his precious little life!

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