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On MLK day

Grief. That is what I feel over the condition of our culture when dealing with racism. I know we have seen so much progress in this area, but we still deeply need Jesus to transform our hearts.

I am so thankful for the work of those who have walked the road of fighting for justice before us. I am thankful that men like Martin Luther King Jr. walked the road ahead of us so that I could live the life that I live in Memphis TN.

Here is the sermon from our church Sunday. What an honor to be a part of a Gospel centered multi ethnic church in Memphis TN….but we must sit down at the dinner table together. We must not stay silent on the hard things. We must start the conversation and talk about it.

You will blessed and challenged if you pop open this link….I promise……


A few thoughts from the sermon:

Many of us our still living “Jim Crow” lives. We are doing it by apathy. Our hearts are off. Racism is an attitude that touches our core. We are hard wired to be suspicious of one another. We must face the demon of racism intentionally.

We MUST live authentic relationship with people who do not look like us.  There is NO WAY to be a racist and walk life along side those who look different. The GOSPEL demands it. The GOSPEL is at it’s core diverse. It calls us to ALL NATIONS. It calls us to THE WHOLE WORLD.

We must be intentional. We must step out. We must cross the tracks.

At the core racism is not really racism it is at the core a failure to align with the Gospel.

We have to be willing to get uncomfortable.

Our culture still demands that a black person learns how to relate to a white person in order to be successful. It does not demand that a white person learn to relate  to a black person. The white person can stay in their own bubbles and be just fine.

I am thankful for Bryan sharing authentically some of his own thoughts against white people.

By God’s grace……I am ready for a new normal for my kids!

Until next time….


I have a dream………where little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers. MLK

Mia, Mallie and our dear precious friend Jasmine

2 thoughts on “On MLK day”

  1. Love… love that the LORD has inspired you to be posting on your blog again. You have a gift. Wish I could just spend the day with you again friend. ~ kim

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