Workbox System Modified to Fit Our Schoolroom

I have been homeschooling my kiddos since…well forever =). Camden is 12 and he has been home with me since the day he came home from South Korea at 10 months old.  Every year I make changes to our schedule and attempt to get more organized…it is just part of the rhythm of life and growing kids.

Several years ago I found an organizational system called “Workboxes” which was created by Sue Patrick –

I used the system for about a year- exactly the way she lays it out in her book. At that time it was great for us.  My  kids were younger…maybe 2nd, 1st, PreK and a toddler. We had plenty of room in our old schoolroom for the suggested shoe box racks and the visual concept of “finished” and “unfinished” work was GREAT for them!!!

The last few years we did a number of co-ops and ended up doing lots of “car school” and “school on the go” so I gave up on Workboxes.  Well this year we are AT HOME …….F.I.V.E. glorious days a week!!!!!

We all needed more structure and consistency so with that I have re-implemented the system with some modifications. I began to research and google workboxes and found TONS of great ideas and suggestion on the different ways others had made the idea work in their specific spaces and for their kids. I would encourage you to look on youtube and blogs for other great ideas and modifications.

Here is a video of how I modified it for my kiddos as well as a few of the benefits I have seen in using this system.

I found the workbox tags and numbers at:

Let me know if you have questions!


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