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Tuesday’s Tip – Ideas for Wiggly Kids Part 1

Do you have wiggly kids?? I do =). Here are a few of my favorite things to help get the wiggles out, use up excess energy, and provide sensory input.

The Dizzy Disc:

It is like a glorified sit and spin…but way better =). The kids LOVE it…even the big ones.

The Balance Disc:

GREAT for helping them stay focused during book work or long periods of sitting. It allows them to wiggle in their seat while providing sensory input. They can also stand on it to practice coordination and balance.

Hopping Ball:

Good for balance, deep pressure sensory input, and it is just plain fun!!!


The kids love playing in these. They don’t even realize the bag is providing all kinds of good sensory input and helping them regulate!

I give them kids “sensory breaks” a few times a day during our homeschool schedule. It is such a vital part of our day! It gives them more focus and helps them stay on task. It took this task oriented mama a LONG time to realize that play and fun actually help get those items on my task list completed!!!

I will post more sensory ideas and wiggle tips next week.

Until then…


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