Abiding in Him

Thursday’s Thought (on Monday Night) ~ Remembering

I spent the weekend with a dear friend of 17 years…which is why Thursday’s Thought is being posted on Monday Night =). There is such a gift in friendships that span the years.

This morning before Darcy left she encouraged me to take some time and write down the details of something new and sweet that God is working together for a ministry that Mo and I are very passionate about. Pieces have been laid over the last several years and it is obvious that God is at work!!

Talking with her reminded me of a time several years ago when I was struggling to trust God’s provision in a certain area of financial need in our family. At that time, the Lord clearly led me to take out a pen and paper and write down every financial “out of the box” provision we had experienced within the life of our marriage and family.

The list started with our wedding ring – Mo found a diamond necklace in a parking lot a full year before we started dating. After hanging signs in search of the owner and having no luck, he tossed it in a desk drawer. He MIRACULOUSLY (you would believe this to be a true miracle had you seen his room=) ) decided to clean his bachelor pad and found the tangled up necklace inside a film canister. It was the same week he was going to start looking at engagement rings! Yep, that diamond now sits upon my finger DAILY reminding me of God’s AMAZING provision….even before we experienced a need, He was at work!!!!!! Mo was in seminary at the time and though he was working hard, there was NO savings account for a wedding ring. God began to show us HIS ability to provide for us as we walked in obedience to His leading.

My “remember list” included countless ways the Lord had provided for us over the years. Provision through friends, gifts, support, fully funding FOUR adoptions when we started out with ZERO dollars in the bank, money to help with our kids medical needs, cars, and on and on and on…………. The total was so much money it took my breath away.

It was UNREAL. I was BLOWN away. My FAITH was strengthened to trust HIM MORE. I wept recounting His provision. I begged Him to forgive my short-sided vision and the fear that creeps in when the mountain looks too big.  I asked Him for new eyes to see and for the faith of a mustard seed that He promised is enough to move the highest mountain.

There is POWER in remembering. We see in Deuteronomy 8 where God reminds the Israelites to remember what He did for them during their time in the wilderness. How He provided for them. How He gave them manna to eat daily. How He brought them out of the bondage of slavery in Egypt. One translation titles chapter 8 “Do Not Forget the Lord.”

I pray that I will not forget what the Lord has done. There is SUCH power in recounting and remembering. It makes us not only trust Him more, but also fall to our face and worship Him.

Remembering gives us hope to wait on what He will do in the future and helps us find contentment in what He is doing in the present.

Let us remember…

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