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Tuesday’s Tip – Ideas for Wiggly Kids Part 2

Last week I posted some of our favorite sensory things for our wiggly kids.

Thought I would continue with that and post some more.

Next week I will focus on a few creative and cheaper =) ideas!

Weighted Blanket- one of the all around BEST items you can have to help a kiddo regulate and sleep better!!!

My mom (who is amazing!!!) made these for the kids one year for Christmas. You can google “weighted blanket” and find all kinds of places that sell them. They are pricy but a great investment!!!! You have to buy a certain weight based on the weight of your child so shop carefully.

Scooter Board

Yes that is kept inside my house.   Yes it drives me crazy.   Yes it is effective in getting out the “stir crazy wiggles”.

In fact as I am typing this, Dax just appeared in the kitchen on the board wearing his underwear and slippers…love that kid!!!

Mini trampoline

A great way to give sensory input without the danger of an out-door tampoline…which we can not have b/c of health issues.

Body Pillow

The kids LOVE these. They are great to snuggle with and they provide all kinds of comfort and fuzzy sensory input. A favorite for reading time or watching TV. They are carried all over the house. You can also use them to play the “oreo or hotdog game”- put a kiddo in the middle of two and apply some gentle deep pressure while pretending they are a cookie, hotdog, or sandwich and you are applying toppings…IE chocolate syrup, mustard etc.  Provides lots of giggles and helps calm and regulate.

These monsters are however banned from pillow fights….for obvious reasons =).

More ideas next Tuesday, until then….

Blessings and Happy Wiggling!

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