$10 for 2 PRECIOUS ONES to come HOME!!!!!!!!

It is Orphan Sunday. It is National Adoption Month. Not called to adopt? How about giving $10??? We ALL have $10. Meet the Jacksons, my dear friends, who inspire my socks off!!!!!

Will you please please please (yes I am begging) give $10 to help these two sweet medically fragile baby girls get home to Memphis so I can kiss their precious faces? Then will you share their link for others to give??? I am confident God has this but it will bless your socks off to be a part of it unfolding.

Donate here on their blog~
In case you need more inspiration-
  • The Jacksons are THAT couple…you know the ones who have grown bio kids and hear “the call” and say yes! They have “big Zeke” who is now 3yrs old and was adopted domestically. And they have heard “the call” TWO MORE TIMES!!!!!! So off they go with abandoned hearts and open hands!!!!!!!
  • These two lovies are in the same orphanage. They are in cribs next to each other. They are not bio sisters but they ARE heart sisters. They spend EVERY day beside each other. And God has seen fit for them to be FOREVER sisters. The Jackson’s said “yes” and then “yes” again!!!! Glory to Him who knits families together!!! It will be the best $10 you spend !!!

Please give and share.

I am watching, waiting, and expecting the last bit of $$ to flood in!!!!!!


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