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Highs/Lows & HOPE

We have a game called “High/Low” that we play around the dinner table. Each person takes a turn telling a high point and a low point of their day. So I am going to “play” that game here tonight. But beware as usual I will have more than one high and low. After all I am a menopausal woman who’s feelings and moods change as much as my tween daughter’s do!

After my last post I was determined to snap out of my “fog”~ I was going to look for the HOPE and see the redemption in situations….AND …….I was going to do it WITHOUT the help of a Sonic Route 44 Diet Dr Pepper with vanilla, extra vanilla and very easy ice. I was going to snap out of it all on my very own =).

High #1 – Last night my hubby went to the airport to see 14 precious children coming to Memphis from Honduras to be hosted over Christmas break. They are children who live in a home run by a ministry called Point of Impact. Each one of them is being hosted by families who have gone to Honduras on mission trips and have fallen in love with these precious kiddos. The children are all technically “orphans” but are not adoptable. They are being cared for through the ministry and locals. The host families have opened their hearts and homes to love with reckless abandon!! There will be lots of tears shed when the kids leave to return home. They are going to be loved WELL over the next 3 weeks!

Here is a video of them getting off the airplane to meet their host families last night! PRECIOUS…. HOPE!


High #2 – Our dear friends The Jacksons who I blogged about several posts back are in China getting their girls this week. They are such an inspiration to me. They have three grown bio kids….. and grand-babies…..and they have a 3yr old hunk of a chunk Zeke that was adopted domestically…… and they are in China bringing home their two precious “special” princesses!! They posted a video today that shows the girls “jabbering away” at each other in the hotel bed…. and I a have not been able to STOP smiling!!! The girls have been in cribs beside each other in the orphanage. They are heart sisters and God in HIS grace and goodness saw fit to call ONE family to BOTH of them and they are forever sisters. HOPE!! (I can’t upload the video on here b/c it is posted on their FB page and not their blog…so if we are FB friends you have to go watch it! I shared it on my page!)

High #3 – This year I am teaching the kids about different countries and cultures and as we cover an area we read a story of a missionary that have served there. Today we finished the story of Nate Saint. I have heard his story a million times, I have watched the movie on his life, I have even met his son and heard him share…but today as I finished the book I could not stop weeping. He LITERALLY laid down his life for others. He and several other men died…leaving widows and children behind. And God used their death to open up a door for  truth, forgiveness, and HOPE to enter into the lives of a tribe that had never heard. WOW. TOTALLY inspired.

High #4 – After going with their daddy to the airport last night to see The Point of Impact kids and finishing Nate Saint today, my girls CAN NOT stop talking about going on a mission trip…begging to go. They are “GETTING IT”…they are “OWNING IT”…they are “TASTING IT”…HOPE!

Low #1- #3 – I called CCAI to check on the “Terrific Trio” today and THERE ARE NO families taking the steps to adopt them. NONE. Many have emailed and asked about them. Many have researched their needs….but NONE have taken the first step. So I am sad. I am grieving. I am believing. I am HOPING against ALL HOPE (Romans 4:18) that they will be claimed as sons and daughters! Each one of them was born with Biliary Atresia and each one has had the Kasai procedure done and they are stable at the moment. There is a possibility they might need liver transplants in the future. (Just FYI – this is NOT the disease Dax was born with that caused him to need a liver transplant…he had other liver issues…but he actually had the Kasai procedure done to his transplanted liver over 4 years ago)

I want to introduce them to you…




Isn’t she just a TOTAL DOLL BABY??????? I want to kiss those sweet chunky cheeks and see those big brown eyes smile!!!!!

Then Quentin-


This is a picture taken after his kasai and he looks SOOO good!!!!!!!!!!!


He is also mentioned on the same page as Yosell’s link with a picture pre kasai.

Last but not least is Yanka-



EAT EM UP sweet baby girl!!!!!!! She is currently fighting of a liver infection….please pray for God’s healing hand on her liver.

All three worth HOPING for. So I will continue to wait on the Lord and see what HE alone is doing.

Clinging to HOPE in HIM,


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