A few words that echo my heart and how to help

A few words that echo my heart on today’s tragedy…


Prayers and how to help:


Another way to help:


There was also a stabbing at a school in China. Let us pray for those hurting on the other side of the world.


What do I want to do tonight? Lock my door and hibernate.

What am I called to do? Pour myself out as an offering and reflect a Jesus that touched the sick, that healed the blind, that ate with the lowly and downcast, that hung out on the other side of the tracks, that loved prostitutes, that showed compassion to the mentally ill, that redeemed and restored the broken-hearted. I have a Jesus that wept and mourned.  Scripture talks about fear over 365 times.I will NOT let today push me into more fear. I will not give the enemy of my soul a foot hold of fear.

Let us not grow weary in doing good and shut ourselves off from the hurting world out of fear.

Compassion means entering into the pain of those who are suffering.

Yes hug your own babies a little tighter tonight, but find someone else who needs a hug too.


“But we live with more than pain and suffering. We also live with deep hungers within the human heart. These existentially gnaw at us with a desperate constancy. There are at least four such longings. The hunger for truth, as lies proliferate. The hunger for love, as we see hate ruling the day. The hunger for justice, as we see injustice mocking the law. The hunger for forgiveness, when we ourselves fail and stumble. These four stirrings grip the soul. As I see it, there is only one place in the world where these four hungers converge. That is at the cross. I dare say, therefore, that in this mix of pain and longing the divine answer is restoring and sublime. For within the paradox of the cross is the coalescing of our need and God’s provision”.-AW Tozer

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