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Our Picks of the Week….

I am a resource junkie. I love finding good quality books, guides, apps, etc for our family.

I thought I would share a few things we are enjoying around here this week…

Camden’s pick of the week:

Books on audio. This week we are studying Europe so we are listening to this great account of Corrie Ten Boom. It is nice to press play and let the narrator do the talking.

Mia’s pick:

She wanted a magazine subscription for Christmas. She asked for a “girls only” “preteen” type magazine. I could not find one that I really liked. I wanted some quality content and fun articles too.  So we gave her “Between” by Vicki Courtney, It is has satisfied her desire for a magazine and my desire for good content. There are a few others in this series that we will happily buy her. (Just FYI – there are some “coming of age” topics covered so use discretion with your daughter and what you have talked about with her)

Mallie’s pick:

The book called “Ten Girls Who Changed The World”. I am so happy she loves this book!! As I tucked her in bed tonight she said “Mom, I want to be the eleventh girl to change the world”…you GO my little spunky monkey….I KNOW you can do it!!!!

Dax’s pick:

My parent’s bought the kids a Wii U for Christmas. Dax is in HEAVEN!! And I must say I am too b/c they also bought them the game Sribblenauts. Some of you may already know about this game, but this is my first time to hear about it. I think there is an app too??

So why am I so excited??? B/c the player has to SPELL words to make things appear….like they can type in c.a.r. and a little car appears in their Scirbblenauts world. After spending hours and days spelling every kind of vehicle under the sun for him and getting a wee bit frustrated and quite tired of spelling words out loud (I know it should be my dream….teaching my child to spell….but honestly it was wearing me out) then…magic happened…drum roll please…..he said yesterday he “would really like to work hard in school so he can learn to spell” !!!!!!! Blow me over…..PRAISE the Lord….a desire to work hard and learn!!!!! If “Scribblenauts” can inspire my Daxie to read and spell then it has my vote times a million!

My pick of the week:

I blew the piles of dust of an old Bible resource that we have had for 14yrs and never used. I found it when doing my annual January house purge.  It is Walk Thru the Bible’s Keyword Learning System. Basically, it is a funny riddle like coloring page for each book of the Bible that helps you remember the book’s name and theme. The kids L.O.V.E. it!!! The pictures are silly enough to make them laugh but clear enough they can figure out what they stand for. We started in the New Testament Monday and every day they ask if we can do more pages. In 3 days they can tell me the themes of Matthew through Romans. Sound like a winner to me. Thankful I broke ALL purging rules and kept it that long.

I would ask Mo his pick of the week, but he is the smart one in our marriage. He is asleep.

Hope one or more of these blesses or inspires you and/or your family!


3 thoughts on “Our Picks of the Week….”

    1. Michelle- I bought it so long ago there was no DVD :). I bought a binder with a set of coloring page masters and a small teachers guide. We also bought a book of TRANSPARENCIES!!! Yep my set it THAT old :). My coloring page masters have a description of each book on the back. Not sure how the DVD is set up.

    2. Tona, I LOVE your spirit…. so enthusiastic and full of JOY!!
      I am going to search for that Wi game!! Excellent suggestion!
      Love the Walk through the Bible resource. I pulled ours out this year too!
      One of my favorite because it wraps FUN and LEARNING together in the same package.

      You are inspiring!! Thank you for sharing in this blog!


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