I PROMISE you want to be a part of this story…

I would like to introduce you to the McRoberts family. They are a dear family that we met through some mutual friends here in Memphis several years ago.

The first time I had a significant conversation with Jewel we were out for coffee b/c she and another friend of hers wanted to pick my brain about what more they could do to serve the hurting children of our city and support and connect to other adoptive families. Right off the bat I knew she was my kind of lady!!!! Taking initiative to figure out ways to serve kiddos and families….while also being a very busy stay at home homeschooling mom of 5 kiddos – two biological boys and three cuties through adoption!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! We got to know their family in deeper ways last year when she and her hubby Claude went through the adoptive and foster parent training class Mo and I taught. It became more and more clear that they have a huge heart for kids and are waiting and willing to go where God calls and leads them to go!!!

So they are going again!!!! I am OVER the moon that they have said yes. It is a God sized story that needs a God sized amount of $$!!!

Meet the McRoberts and their newest and now oldest son Edgers, who was, but NO LONGER set to age of of the system in Latvia!!! Praise be to HIM who sets the lonely into families and whose timing is ALWAYS spot on!!!!! Can not wait to welcome this handsome man to Memphis!!!!!


1 thought on “I PROMISE you want to be a part of this story…”

  1. Just donated!! We received so much help with our adoptions! It isn’t much, but I know that every bit helps!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help!!!

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