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Won’t you lift a little with me??????

I am blowing the dust off my blog today b/c I have a need to put before you! I woke up this morning with a HOLY SPIRIT nudge. This is close to HIS heart today. I am believing it will be completed today!!!!!

Our dear friends the Provences are in the home stretch of bringing home their two precious daughters from Ethiopia. They WAITED and WAITED to be matched. Then they WAITED and WAITED to go meet them. THEN they WAITED and WAITED to get word paper work was moving along so they could return to Ethiopia to bring them home. They got that news!!!! The time is CLOSE at hand when they can finally be a family of all 8 under one roof!!!!!!!


Would you like to know what they did while they waited????? They filled out paper work, prayed, they filled our more paper work, they trusted God’s provision, they got a second set of physicals, a bazillion sets of finger prints, and they prayed…..and ALL the while…… They worked extra jobs, sold things they owned, threw two yard sales like I have NEVER in my life seen, they held auctions, they taught extra classes, they made hand made items, they prayed, they waited, they worked some more. You get the point right? They have sacrificed SOOOOOO much. They have pinched every penny twice.

It is time for Us. Community. The church. People. to STEP in. Finish out what they have been working towards for years. They are at the end.

Lets us not wait another minute. Can you please give something? EVERY penny counts. You can ask them….they have literally raised over $50,000 ONE dollar at a time. So take a sec.  Give a little or a lot. But please give something and then share their story with someone. I KNOW it my heart this will be done by tonight.

I want my sweet friend to go to bed tonight not dreaming about what other fundraisers she needs to do tomorrow, but dreaming about shopping for pink bows, matching dresses, and preparing THEIR bedroom. The burden needs to be lifted….and it is not too heavy of a burden for an army of people. Rise up and lift a bit with me????

They are close. Let’s join hands, and finish the needed money for these two precious ones to come home.

Give here:


Read more about their journey here:


Thank you and as always,



2 thoughts on “Won’t you lift a little with me??????”

  1. Done, and thanks!

    Ms. Erin Hillis, M.A.
    Assistant Director of International Programs

    Memphis, Tennessee
    (901) 843-3403

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