Abiding in Him, Adoption


Can’t sleep tonight. I am feeling a bit too ‘much’. It has been a good loooooong two days. I am overwhelmed. I am emotional.

Yesterday morning I blogged this:


Asking people to step in a give to help some dear friends The Provences on the homestretch of fundraising to bring their daughters home from Ethiopia. Then others posted, retweeted, shared on Facebook. People gave and asked others to give. People started moving. Hearts got hopeful. All the while, my friend got to sit at home and watch the hand of God provide for her family while she just sat.  They worked Themselves to the bone for FOUR years saving and raising $$ for their girls and know it was time for her to sit. Amazing right?? How God does that sometimes. His Spirit moves. We are showered by His grace while we do NOTHING but sit and let it flow over us. That is grace after all. Getting what we absolutely do not deserve. I love seeing the love of the Father poured out over His people on behalf of HIS children.

I kept thinking all day… “Lord you own all the cattle on the hills and I really feel in my heart that you are going to throw a few cows their way today” and BOY OH BOY did HE ever. After all paypal donations were procesed today they went from $0 yesterday morning at 11am to $7000 by 9pm tonight. AMAZING. God sized provision through people. The hands and feet at work. OVERWHELMED.


Then today we celebrated our sweet Mallie’s tenth birthday. A milestone b-day. Double digits. I can’t help but be reflective on birthdays. Looking back at where we have come from. Dreaming about where we are headed.  She is such a crazy absolute joy to my heart.  She is full of such strength and beauty. I am overwhelmed (that is the word of the day) by who she is…an overcomer. I praise God for her life.

I pray for her birthmom and family in Hong Kong. I pray that God would shower them with His love, comfort, and peace.  I grieve that I can not hug her birthmom’s neck and tell her how much we love her and think she is so brave for the choices she made for Mallie.  Oh how I grieve. Grief and joy can rest in our hearts at the same time. Today was yet more proof of that.



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