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Fellowship Memphis

Over 11yrs ago, a dream began to take root. One that, at the time, felt like an impossibility. But those are the kinds of dreams God specializes in. The ones where a small mustard seed moves a mountain. The kind where small acts of obedience wrapped in faith and love began to tumble down a mountain and by the time they have reached the bottom have broken through ridiculous barriers. That dream is being celebrated this weekend.

Fellowship Memphis will celebrate it’s 10th Anniversary tonight and tomorrow morning. A beautiful body of vibrant, gospel centered, diverse, servant minded Christ Followers that have locked arms to believe in the dream that God can and will accomplish HIS redemptive work not only in Memphis TN but around the world.

I am OVERWHELMED to tears to see the evidence of HIS faithfulness as we mark a moment this weekend. As we stand together and CELEBRATE the healing work of the CROSS.

May HIS name draw us together. Men and women, every race and ethnicity, every age, the outcast and the pharisee, the rich and the poor, because this is the Jesus I believe in. The kind that not only breaks down the walls that stand in the way to Him but the walls that divide us.

Happy 10th Anniversary Fellowship Memphis!!!!!



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