The Ottingers are GROWING!! Some FAMILY NEWS!!!!!!

We have written and reworded this post a million times. There are sooooo many details we want to share because they testify to God’s hand and leading. It is hard to tell the news without including them, but if we wait to tell you the whole God story and every detail, then we would have to wait another few weeks and we just can’t stand it any longer!!!!!!!!!!!


We Have Some News

Yep we are adopting a little girl from China!!!!!!!!!!!  Dax is going to be a big brother!!!!!! He is being de-throned as the baby of the family, which he is actually handling really really well!!! All the kids are super excited and each expressing it in their unique and personal ways!!!!!

We “locked her file” today and are awaiting official approval/matching from the Chinese Government before we can share the details with you.

But we stink at secrets and we need to get moving on fundraising b/c this God Story does not include an adoption savings account =)

We are stepping out it faith believing and trusting that God will provide every single penny we need to bring our daughter home and care for her needs once she is here.

What we can share is that she is a totally DOLL.

She is crazy adorable.  She is a medically fragile toddler. She has stable health at the moment, but will most likely require a liver transplant in the future. We are praying we can expedite the process and have her home early summer 2014 to get her the medical treatment she requires.

We have known about her for over a year. Have spent hours and hours praying over her, crying for her, grieving for her situation, begging God on her behalf, and advocating to other families for her. Mo even gave her the CUTEST nickname last Oct, which we have been calling her since. She has been close to the heart of our family. We called the agency about her over a year ago and b/c of some details did not see a way for us to adopt her. We felt God calling us to wait and trust her to HIM.

But in a way that ONLY God can do when HE moves, HE MOVES. And HE has been MOVIN!!!!!!  He has been FLINGING doors open, removing obstacles, and showing us without a doubt the family we have been begging Him to provide for her is in fact US!!!! We are still in a bit of shock and awe. But are thrilled beyond belief.

We will share more details about her and all that God has done as soon as we can!!!!!! OHHHH it is SUCH a miracle story. A true testimony to HIS provision for His children!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what next????????

Will you please pray her home quickly?

Would you pray with us to Jehovah – Jireh: The Lord Who Provides?

Would you consider donating to help us bring her home? We truly believe it takes a village and we are admitting in this space we need one. No amount is too small. Every gift is a beautiful thing and we will praise HIM for every penny He provides through those who give.

We have set up a PayPal account to receive the first portion of funds. The button to donate is below.

We can also receive donations via good ole snail mail!!!!! (3103 Homewood Dr. Memphis TN 38128)

We are looking to raise roughly $37,000, give or take a bit for travel (still trying to figure that all out).

Crazy right?? But not for our God who keeps reminding us HE owns the cattle on a thousand hills. If He can part the red sea, He can provide for every one of her needs. So we are standing in that promise as we step out and wait and watch HIS might hand move!!!!!!


Mo, Tona, Camden, Mia, Mallie, Dax, and LITTLE MISS who is chillin in China

Donate Button with Credit Cards

4 thoughts on “The Ottingers are GROWING!! Some FAMILY NEWS!!!!!!”

  1. So exciting! God is awesome and His plan is perfect for Little Miss and her new Ottinger family. Keeping you in our prayers!

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