Puzzle Fundraiser For Our Home Study Fees


UPDATE on NOV 21st our Puzzle Fundraiser has been fully sponsored and we are paying our first home study fees!!!!!!! We are far from the total amount we need for our adoption, so if you feel led to donate we would be crazy grateful!!!

Our first fundraiser to bring “Little Miss” home from China! We are asking 252 people to give $10 to sponsor a piece of her puzzle. Would you be willing to sponsor and share??

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Here is how it works:

  • We have a puzzle being printed with Little Miss’s picture on it
  • The puzzle has 252 pieces
  • We are in essence asking people to sponsor a piece of her puzzle for $10 per piece. You can sponsor as many as you like. Click the “DONATE” button to donate via PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or a credit card
  • We will have our kids write your name on the back of the piece (or pieces) and you will forever be a part of her story!!!!!
  • $10 x 252= $2520!!!!
  • The $2520 raised will go towards the $2800 we need to pay our home study agency to get started on our home study. This needs to happen ASAP!
  • The faster the pieces are sponsored the faster we can take our next BIG OLE STEP
  • When we get the official approval we will reveal her beautiful face to you via her completed puzzle!!! How fun is that????

We need 252 people!

Would you be willing to sponsor a piece (or pieces) and share this page via social media?

Click here to read our announcement if you missed it last week.

You can click the links on the side bar to follow via Twitter and Facebook on progress.

I will post a blog update soon.

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