The Story of Her Name Part 1

A few words before we share……

Before I begin to tell you the story of our newest dear daughter’s name I want to communicate a few things.

We will over the coming months and years share parts of her story with you, but we are also very serious about protecting her, her story, and her privacy. We want to testify to what God has done (and will do) because we believe it brings Him glory and honor, inspires others, and builds our faith, but we will not do that at the expense of her privacy.

We also want to say that our daughter’s story started long before we learned about her. Her story started when God set creation into motion and then knit her together in her mother’s womb. Her story includes her biological family. It includes her biological parents, two people who, while they live thousands of miles away, have already found a home in our hearts. We are passionate about our children’s birth families. They matter. They are a part of them. We grieve with them, for them, and long for God to bring hope and healing into their stories.

Her story includes them and all the pieces that led up to her relinquishment. Her story does not start with us. We are not her rescuers.  We are not the ones sweeping in and “saving her”. By God’s grace and His grace alone we are privileged to be a part of her story. We hope our role as her parents’ ushers in with it hope and healing. But we are not perfect. We need Jesus too.

With every addition of a new child, our family changes. It becomes something new. We all learn and grow. We all see areas that need healing. We see our strengths and weaknesses. We need each other. The current Ottinger crew needs her too. She is not the “lucky one”. We all are, because we get to live life together, connected ~and that is the gift.

As we start to share, we are simply telling our part of her story, the pieces that include us. The parts we can make sense of at this time. The parts we are celebrating, feeling, and experiencing with her.  We will leave some pieces as sacred private information for her to carry and share when and if she desires.

The Story of Her Name Part 2 to be continued……

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