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On pain, stepping in,and thankfulness

You know those moments when life is hard. Really hard. But it is real. You know that the things that you are experiencing, feeling, and processing are chiseling out new places. New places in your heart. New places in your soul. New places in your life. And you know apart from those things you would not be who you are. You would not be THE YOU that found out you are stronger and more able that you ever thought. That found yourself on the other side of the hard closer to Him. The creator. The one that set all things in motion and sustains and hold them. When you are in the midst of the pain it is difficult to see the work. The refining that is happening. But for sure it is. For sure the wood, hay, and straw are being melted away leaving only the things that will last. The things that are refined.

What if some of those hard places are things you said YES to? Places you chose to step into. You could have stayed safely on the shore, but you stepped into the raging river. You entered in. Something deep in your soul wanted to, but you also knew that HE was whispering to you that life was found in the river. That real living happening in the middle of the currents, not safely camped on the shore. Somehow something deep in you just knew that embracing the pain and brokenness would somehow bring real healing. That seeing, acknowledging, and embracing the brokenness and struggle would set the platform for hope and healing. There in the pain is where our redeemer and reconciler does His most miraculous deep healing work. He is in those places. Showing Himself to be sufficient. Showing you that in Him you are able. You are an overcomer because He has overcome. And then you realize somewhere in the rushing water fear lost some of its grip on your heart.

It is difficult to be thankful for the hard. It is difficult to find joy in the pain. It is hard to embrace the pain and not lose yourself there and be swallowed up in despair.

But we keep our eyes set on HIM and THE HOPE that is set before us. Remembering that this time is but momentary. We are living for another place. Another time. A future hope and promise. Slowly our perspectives are reset. We open our hands up to embrace. We have room and space in our lives, homes, and hearts to commune with the weary, the broken, the outcast. Because we are counting this time but a moment.

And then the places that seemed scary before become places you celebrate because you know there is mysterious work there. And you find yourself willing to say YES again and again and again. And you do so with a thankful heart full of joy and hope, because you know in your “yes” there will be holy healing communing with Him. He has whispered. You were listening. You heard. You replied with “Yes Lord here I am send me.”

There is hope, joy, and thanksgiving in the raging river.

“May God bless you as you continue to discover His hidden miracles in your life.If you listen for His voice, look for His help, and long for His appearing, you will sense His presence in every battle, victory, sorrow, and joy”-Bruce Carroll

Happy Thanksgiving!


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