Thankful in Pictures (Some new pics of Mae)

Oh my momma’s heart. I would love to kiss and hug on our baby girl today. Giving thanks for her life. Praising God that she has received the medical care she needed to survive.

Unfortunately, many children in China with advanced liver disease, who need transplants right away do not make it. We are grateful that the kasia procedure she had done was a success and she seems to be stable!!!!!

This is the first picture we saw of Mae in Oct 2013, when she was featured in the Show Hope newsletter. As you can see, she is jaundice and her bilirubin is high b/c of her Biliary Atresia (liver disease). We think this picture might have been taken before she had the kasia procedure done.YoYo4

This picture looks like it was taken a few months later and she has nice healthy pink skin!!!!!
YoYo1Her tummy is swollen with ascites, which is common in children with liver disease. Pre liver transplant, Dax’s tummy was so big he had to wear suspenders to keep his pants up =).


This picture was taken last month. She is 15 months old here. Sweet sweet girl. OHHHH those eyes!!!!! So much in those eyes.


Praising God that next year she will be sitting with her brothers and sisters around the Thanksgiving “kids table”



Praying  and believing God will continue to move mountains, shower His provision, and make the way smooth and fast for her to come home!!! It is hard to believe that we only got her file 22 DAYS AGO and we are over half way to our fundraising goal. BLOWN AWAY!!! Thank you to all those who have donated and given out of love. We are humbled and beyond grateful.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Many Many Blessings!!!

In His Grace,


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