Abiding in Him

Giving Tuesday ~ Generosity is a BEAUTIFUL THING

OH MY STARS……I am LOVING #givingtuesday !!!!! I love love love seeing my Facebook and Twitter feeds full of ways to give to others and make a difference!!!!!!! Since I am just learning about this amazing movement called Giving Tuesday, which is in response to all the crazy spending frenzy of the past weekend, I thought I would jump on the band wagon and give an adoption fundraising update.

We are blown away with all that has simply been given. We never expected to be sitting in this place out of sheer generosity and GIVING of OTHERS. When people give to others, needs, non profits, ministries, etc LIVES ARE CHANGED!!!! Generosity is a beautiful thing.

A quick update on Mae and our adoption funding:

We have a number of fundraising ideas brewing, but every time I start planning and lining things up I feel this overwhelming sense that God is telling me to wait. To rest in Him. I have a million ideas running through my head….but they all take work on my part…some of them lots and lots of work. And frankly right now in the midst of the holiday crazy, homeschooling, paper work, house prep and purging to get ready for our home study, etc….I get a bit overwhelmed when I start making fundraising plans. I start spinning emotionally. I hop into task master momma. Please don’t get me wrong, I have no expectation that we should simply sit and do NOTHING. I know that we must work, that we must sacrifice, that we must do our part, and I am. But at this moment my part does not seem like “much”, but it is all I can manage.

I have been feeling some pressure to take advantage of all the holiday spending that will be done over the next few weeks. I brainstormed up a super cute gift idea where people could give towards our adoption and give that “giving” to someone as a gift. I even dreamed up some cool ways to package and mail it. But it makes me overwhelmed…..totally overwhelmed to do that in the midst of the holidays. How can I be emotionally present with the kiddos at home if I am spinning trying to “seize the moment” of holiday spending???? UGG!!!!

This morning I felt the Lord whisper to me to rest. To rest in Him over the next few weeks. To tidy my house, to make a place for Mae in our home, to work on the things that need to be done here and wait on the fundraising. WHAT LORD????? WAIT??????? But it needs to be done NOW. What if the window to do an online auction passes me by? What about my cute holiday gifting idea? All I hear is “Wait. Trust me. I can provide beyond your wildest dreams without you running yourself empty and crazy. The time for working is after this season of celebrating. So celebrate and rest. I will work on your behalf. I will move. I will provide. You wait and watch and expect and believe in this season”. Well well well….. that is much easier heard than done =). I am a “doer”, not a “sitter”. I am a get crap done kinda girl. Oh I how I am learning even more to trust. To take my “hand off the plow” and “rest”. Let Him provide the manna for today. Let Him. Not me.

So I am postponing the online auction until January.

I am passing on my super cute way to donate to our adoption and give it to someone as a Christmas gift.

I am going to hand the provision of the finances over to the Lord on this “Giving Tuesday” and enjoy my hubby and my precious children that are currently in my home over the next few weeks! I am going to celebrate Christmas……and fill out lots of paper work, run to doctors appointments for physicals, and do some nesting =)….but no cute fundraising…no auction…. take my hand off the plow for the next few weeks and  take a“Season of Sabbath Rest”.

Blessings and Happy Advent Season,


If you feel led to donate and would like an end of the year tax deduction we have a fund set up and are working on getting a direct donate link, but that will take another week. We can currently receive tax deductable donations via checks. If you would like details, you can email Mark at mottinger@fellowshipmemphis.org .

If you do not need a tax deduction,then donations can still be done via the PayPal button:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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