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Coincidence? No Way! Another Part of Mae’s Story.

Thought I would share another God moment with you about Mae’s story. I feel a little selfish keeping them all to myself. I think when we hear stories of His faithfulness something profound happens in us. I believe it stretches us to believe Him more, to trust that He really is able, and it builds our faith. I also deeply believe that as followers of Christ we have the ability to walk and abide in Him and that comes with an amazing promise~

Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

If you have read much of my blog you have already figured out I talk with God about lots of things =). I also trust that He answers, leads, nudges, speaks, and reveals Himself in very real ways. Since I expect Him to show up and move, then I wait and watch for it. Since I am watching for it, I don’t see things as coincidences. I see things as a God moments. Him leading. Him listening. Him responding. Him moving. Him working. Him healing. Him restoring.  (Side note ~ this is not about me getting “my way” from God…this is about my spiritual ears and eyes being attune to His movement ~ not me getting my way) I believe that if we ask for Him to show Himself, lead, appear, ect He will. It might not be in the way you hoped or wanted but If I take Jeremiah 33:3 as His words….then He will speak.
OK….so back to Mae’s story…..
July 7th 2012 I woke up feeling a deep sense of fear and unbelief. I was like the man in Mark 9:24 that says to Jesus regarding the healing of his son, “I do believe; please help me overcome my unbelief”. Ever felt like that before? I do all the time.
So I said that to the Lord.
I also think one of the most powerful tools we have to conquer unbelief is to “tell ourselves our own God stories”. To remind ourselves of the times He has been faithful to us in the past. In essence~ to REMEMBER. The theme of remembering is throughout the Old Testament. Why? Because there is power to break down fear and build faith when we remember.
So that morning as I found myself in unbelief, I started running through my head the times He has provided.
I found myself standing in front of this picture frame in my den:
Camden's Adoption Note
 It is the note that was handed to us by some dear friends when we started the adoption journey to our first son Camden. Within weeks of us starting our adoption THREE anonymous donors paid for the WHOLE THING. How about that “God Story” to build my faith on that weary morning?
Then I posted the picture on Facebook along with this post:

“This is a testimony to how God works!!!This was the note handed to us by our dear friends the Hilliards almost 12 yrs ago when we started our adoption journey to Camden. Yes this says THREE donors funded an entire adoption from South Korea. God will provide for HIS precious children. So maybe you too should “proceed with reckless abandon” as someone might be waiting for YOU!!!!!!”


So just to remember that was posted on JULY 7th 2012.

Our sweet Mae as an estimated birthday of JULY 9th 2012.


They had to guess her birthday. I am thinking maybe just maybe she was born right around the time God was reminding this weary mommy who was saying “God I believe you can provide, please help me in my unbelief”. My heart that morning was crying out for more children. For the provision to make a way for that to happen.

Coincident? NO WAY.

God. 100% Yes!!!! I think that Facebook post was to ME. God preparing us to proceed with reckless abandon again, because our daughter was about to be born!!!!

So here we are reckless and running to China with all we have to get the one waiting on US!!!!

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