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Follow Up on Mae (and a side note on bio families)

No new news from China on her health status but thought I would give a quick update/follow-up to our last post.

We don’t have any expectations that we will get a specific medical update on Mae unless things progress quickly for the worse. With the progression of liver disease and the way it “presents” combined with the lack of easy access to health care most often it is a “wait and see” situation.
We are so grateful for the care she is getting through a Show Hope Care Center at Zhengzhou ( http://showhope.org/renovations-at-zhengzhou/). The care they are providing partnered with New Hope Foundation is better than we ever could have hoped. They are taking great care of her and saved and sustained her life, through the early surgical intervention of the Kasai procedure she had done.
The reality of kids with Biliary Atresia is some do fine with only a Kasai; but the vast majority need a liver transplant. We had hoped based on how is seemed Mae was doing that the Kasai would be sufficient and would last her many more years. It seems based on what we know that it may be failing, causing her bile ducts to not work properly. Yes we knew this was a possibility. But we had hoped otherwise.
So what does that all mean?
We are picking up a letter today from our doctor asking for a medical expedite of her paperwork on the US side of things. We are praying we find favor and might be able to knock a month or so off the process. At this time the earliest we would be able to travel is late summer.
I spent my day yesterday locked in an office knocking out paper work; thanks to my sweet hubby who loved on the kids and celebrated Valentines with them!!!
This weekend, we are doing some home repairs, painting, purging, and prepping knowing that when she gets home those things need to be done. I am doing what most waiting moms do – nesting. And my hubby is doing what most waiting dads do – fixing the things he can control. The other kids are being kids and trucking right along.
We trust more than ever that she is our daughter. That His timing is beyond perfect and she needs to be here in the US  with a family to love her with deep mommy and daddy love and to advocate for her to get the medical intervention she needs. We will admit we are walking a journey of faith and looking to the Lord to supply. We are clinging to Jehovah Jireh – God our Provider, knowing that He will supply everything we need as we step into this next season of medical care.
While Mae’s situation is dire, it is not without hope. For those that walked the road of liver transplant with us once before with Dax, you may remember he got really really sick before transplant time arrived. Mae is not there yet. She is not in the hospital.  We are praying the progression of disease would slow or better yet stop (praying for a miracle) until we can get her home for medical intervention and support.
We would love for you to pray that with us.
Will blog when we know more.
“May God bless you as you continue to discover His hidden miracles in your life.If you listen for His voice, look for His help, and long for His appearing, you will sense His presence in every battle, victory, sorrow, and joy”-Bruce Carroll
 And I will add- I can not help but think of her birth family. The possible “whys” behind the decisions they made. The real possibility that they made a decision to relinquish her SO THAT she could live. SO THAT she could get the care her sweet sick little body needed. I would employ you to please take a long moment before ever casting a stone or laying down a judgement on why people do what they do. We may never know why. But I can promise you we have grieved deeply through many tears the painful reality that many families of origin are broken b/c of injustice and a lack of access to the things they need to stay together. Part of our hearts will always be walking around China even when Mae is home b/c her family is still there, just like part of our hearts are walking around South Korea, Hong Kong, and the USA with our other children’s families. Let us give honor where it is due. I honor her family and would love NOTHING more than to hug their necks and cry with them.

2 thoughts on “Follow Up on Mae (and a side note on bio families)”

  1. Love your heart, Tona! I think my first act of worship today was reading this blog! To God be all the Glory. I love your heart and your faith and your love for this little one (all your little ones) and their families. We feel so similarly in our home as well about our birthmoms! Praying to and resting in Jesus on your behalf….

  2. Praying for the Lord to sustain sweet Mae while she waits to come home to her new family. So thankful for your heart and how you trust your Father on this journey. Love you, sweet sister!

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