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We are going to be a family of E.I.G.H.T.- Meet our SON!!!

We are going to be a family of E.I.G.H.T.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got the pre approval today from China that we can adopt “Peanut”.

I am going to do my best to lay out some of the details of his story, but I need you to do me a favor OK? I need you to go back and read a few old posts before you scroll down and read any more of this entry. Can you do that for me???? PLEASE???????????

Click on the post Been a little while, what is on my mind from Dec 4th 2012 and read #2. (You can read the whole thing but #2 is important). Then come back here.

Next click on Highs, lows, hope from Dec 6th and read Low #1-#3. Then come back here.

Oh the Terrific Trio.

How I love them!!!!

The first sweet girl Yossell is of course our Mae Yossell. Beauty in a gift to us.

The other dear little girl Yanka has been healed completely and is dancing in the streets of heaven, basking in the delight of our Lord. Whole, healed, loved. Can not wait to met her in glory one day.

And then there is Quentin. Melt my heart. We have loved him since the day we saw him. Begged God for him. And……drum roll…… he is our SON. Through a series of God sized events, he became available for us to adopt on the VERY DAY that we learned the other sweet little boy we had been praying for was matched with another family. THE VERY SAME DAY. Not the day before or the day after. Not the month or year before. Not the month or year after. T.H.E. D.A.Y.

We had no idea God would make a way for him to be ours. It was a total out of nowhere  move of God.

But that is what God does right? He writes the best stories. Better than anything we could ever imagine.

So we would like to introduce you to…..




I mean what a cutie right???????????

A few details for those inquiring minds!!!….

~Fin is 3 weeks older than Mae….so we are preparing to get the “Are they twins?” question for the rest of our lives =)

~Fin has the same liver condition as Mae, Biliary Atresia. He had one surgery to repair it and his health is stable for the time being. He may also require a liver transplant in the future.

~We first saw him in a Show Hope newsletter the MONTH after we saw Mae in Nov 2012.

~His English name in China was Quentin, which is a significant name for our family. First it means born 5th. He is our 5th child. Next it is the SAME name Dax was given at birth but a different spelling AND my full name is Quintona. God used Dax’s name being Quinton to confirm he was our son (different story for a different post) and we feel the same thing here. Just another sweet detail He wove into Fin’s story!!!

~Fin and Mae are in the SAME orphanage and live on the SAME floor!!! Both are being cared for by Show Hope via an organization called New Hope Foundation. They are getting great care and we are thankful!!!!!!

~We hope to pick them up together in late summer/early fall!!!!!!!!

~We will need to raise additional funds to help cover the extra cost of his adoption. More on that soon.

~We are thrilled to be blessed with another treasure. Let the boy shopping begin..oh wait it already did…I went today =)!!!!!!

Have more questions? Let me know!!! I will blog more soon!!!!!

Thank you for celebrating with us!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “We are going to be a family of E.I.G.H.T.- Meet our SON!!!”

  1. LOVE THIS!! Such a happy, happy update!!! So good to see you in person last weekend! Prayers and hugs!

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