“10 for Fin”

Adoption is expensive. There is no doubt about that. Everything in me wishes it wasn’t. I struggle with the cost. I struggle with humbling myself enough to ask for donations. I don’t like it one single bit. I wish the price was lower. I wish the money was in the bank. I wish the injustices of the adoption process could be done away with.

But then I look at their eyes. Not just Fin and Mae but the eyes of those already in my home. The eyes of those in the homes of my many many friends. The eyes of those waiting. The eyes of those who will never be pursued. The eyes of those with special needs. The eyes of the older children. Their eyes. And somehow the price tag just doesn’t seem to matter.The hurdles seem to melt away.  It all seems insignificant compared to the value of their life.

How do you put a “price” on the adoption of a person? On a human life? You can’t. The price of adoption should never be attached to the person but to the services rendered and the costs incurred in the adoption process. How much is too much to spend to create “a forever”?

How can you say that a family shouldn’t adopt if they don’t already have the money in their personal savings account? How many people do you know with $40,000 sitting is savings to adopt 2 waiting medically fragile kids?

Fundraising is a hard and weary task. But it is a road Mark and I knew we would need to walk when we said yes to our kids. And in reality, with the very real possibility of 2 liver transplants staring us in the face, we are just taking the first fundraising steps on their behalf. The financial need will most likely get bigger once they get home.

So how much is too much to ask? WE HAVE NO IDEA. Truly. We have wrestled deeply with this question.

The only answer we come up with is….they are our kids. We will do whatever it takes.

But we don’t have all the resources needed. So we fall on our faces in humility and desperation and we remember HE DOES. His people do. The community does. The church does. The village does. And we can’t do it all. We can’t do it alone. And frankly we don’t think we are supposed to. We believe we should live life interdependent on others. We are all supposed to give and take. Serve and be served. Love and be loved. Be “with” and “for” one another. Not a very typical “american way” of thinking is it? If we look back at the early church, they lived this way. They lived with one another in mind. They gave of themselves. They looked out for others. They modeled community. They modeled humility. The modeled interdependence.

So with that heart, we decided to set up our next fundraising effort…. “10 for Fin”

“10 for Fin” – where we are hoping to raise $10,000 for Griffin “Fin’s” adoption fees (orphanage fee, travel, physical, visa, passport, translation fees,etc) plus some money towards our family’s travel expenses. (We hope that our yard sale will cover the remainder of our travel expenses.)

If you would like to make a contribution you can click on our Crowdrise account “10 for Fin”

We deeply appreciate all those who have given out of both abundance and sacrifice!!!!! Your generosity has brought us to our knees in gratitude and thanksgiving.


Tona for the Ottinger Crew



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