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You are not going to believe this….

I just have to share something that is so CRAZY GOD SIZED AMAZING it is undeniably HIM!!!!! For those who took the time to read my previous posts about my “Broken Hallelujah” and “Letting Grief Ooze On Out” are you ready for this?????

For those who have not been following along……You can catch up (here) but in a nut shell there was a 3rd little fella that Mark and I fell in love with in China. It was the original little boy we posted about before God did crazy amazing things to bring us Fin. Trying to explain all the details via the blog is difficult…but bottom line….God closed a door….He said NO and I have been deeply grieving. The grief over not getting the other little boy takes NOTHING away from Fin and Mae…it is a different story…a different journey…a different child…a different loss. I have felt very compelled to share honestly about it online, when I would normally hold these kinds of things close to my heart.

So on to the CRAZY GOD SIZED moment…..

We had a massive yard sale this past weekend…I will post details on it over the next few days…but this needed its own post and I need to tell you before I burst.

Friday morning of the sale my friend Elizabeth, who we did the sale with, comes running up to me with tears in her eyes and a box in her hand.

She said “Tona you are NEVER going to believe this!!!!!!!!!  I just quoted a lady a price on the sculpture in this box, but when she turned it and I saw the writing on the side, I took it from her ” ( lady was NOT happy!!!!! But this was an appropriate time to be an indian giver.)

I looked down and the box and started WEEPING. There is no other word. Bent over, in the middle of a hundred people at a yard sale and I wept. HUGE CAN’T BREATH TEARS.

I will share as much as I can without giving up too many clues as to who the little guy is that we fell in love with or where he is ….. b/c I want to do my best to honor him and his adoptive family.

But the orphanage where he is in China was started by a branch of a company in China that manufactures good…mostly faith based inspirational type items, including sculptures.

The side of the box said  in a nutshell….the sculpture in the box was created by “said company” and sales of this product go to support “said foster home” and provide medical care for the children, so they can get healthy enough to be adopted into loving homes.

OH MY STARS!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth knew where the little guy is.

She knew this was made by his orphanage/company.

She knew God was loving on me that morning in the midst of that crazy yard sale.

And that box was sent there FOR ME as a gift from the Lord.

We have NO IDEA who donated it, so if it was you….please LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!

But it gets even BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

The sculpture inside the box…..

Had this verse on it…..photo 2-3


And was of this….

photo 1-3


A praying woman. One of my kids said “she looks like you mommy”. Bless that child…b/c mommy is a bit fluffer than that sculpture…but I will take it =)

Oh dear one reading….you have to know there is a GOD and HE LOVES you fiercely. He LOVES you so deeply.

There is NO OTHER WAY to explain THIS but the hand of a loving compassionate God who wanted me to KNOW WITHOUT a DOUBT that HE KNOWS my heart ache, my deepest hearts desires, my pain, my loss, my hope, my fear, my joy and that HE HEARS my prayers….and I AM NO MORE DESERVING than YOU!!!  HE LOVES YOU WITH A FIERCE LOVE.

He sent this praying lady sculpture all the way from China, from the company tied to the sweet baby boy that I love so deeply I feel like a part of me is missing, via a yard sale donation, to my friend’s hands who knew the story (lots of others were working the sale that would not have a clue), and sent it straight to my heart B/C HE IS ALIVE AND ACTIVE AND SEES AND KNOWS AND HEARS AND LOVES WITH CRAZY FIERCE LOVE.

And I am on my face in worship….offering up to HIM my broken hallelujah again!!!


3 thoughts on “You are not going to believe this….”

  1. I am crying with Joy!!! God never ceases to amaze us with His Love!!! ….What testimonies both of your families have!!! GOD is Good all the time!!! Bless you for sharing your heart!!

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