A look back at our first email inquiry about Fin and Mae as we celebrate LOA!

In honor of getting our Letter of Acceptance for Mae Yossell and Griffin Quentin today, I thought I would share part of the very first email I sent inquiring about them.

The email was sent 9/29/2012. That was twenty-one months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fin and Mae were both just several months old.

I sent the following to a friend from the organization Show Hope. They were both pictured in Show Hope newsletters the months prior to this email. Show Hope supports/runs the care centers they are in.

Thank you for humoring me about sweet Yossell (insert for clarification – we had just seen him at a conference a few days before and mentioned Yossell to him). I am not sure what God is up to, but I feel SO strongly connected to her and another sweet boy, who seems to be in the same home and with the same liver condition. His name is Quentin.

I am trusting these two sweet precious faces are keeping me up at night for a reason. So I will keep praying and seeking….and of course honoring my hubby…who said it was ok to email you =)!

(I went on to ask if he could give me any information on them, if their files were started, what agency they were with etc….b/c I was going to “advocate for them”….which I did. You can read a blog from 12/06/12 about them here)

I can only imagine how the Lord was looking down on me with such delight as I typed that first email, like a parent who tucks their child into bed on Christmas eve knowing the joy and surprise waiting on them in the morning. He was keeping me, and very soon thereafter Mark, up at night praying and growing more and more in love with our children. As we prayed over them, we began longing more and more for them and finally risked being honest with how much we wanted them to be Ottingers.

Hope is always tied to risk.

We were risking our hearts.

We allowed ourselves to hope with no promises.

There were many many many days of private tears, pleading prayers, fear, no promises, nothing to do but hope beyond hope, and wait.


Moved mountains, provided finances, opened doors, and nudged us to take the first few steps, which led to a few more steps, which led to a sprint, which led to a marathon….which we will be running with them for the rest of our forevers together.

We did not get Mae’s paperwork until Nov. 2013. 13 months after that first email and Fin’s did not come until March 2014, which was 18 months later. Those were LONG LONG LONG months. BUT OHHHH SOOOOO WORTH it!!!!!!!!!!

As we just checked “accept” on their official referrals from China….



I can not wait for their two precious faces to keep me up at night but……while sitting in my arms!!!

China is expediting their process based on medical necessity, so we could travel to get them AT THE END OF JULY or AUGUST!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doing the LOA (Letter of Acceptance) happy dance,


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