We Got TA and a few prayer requests

Just a quick update and a few prayer request…….

We got travel approval today!!!

We will book tickets in the next few days but could travel as soon as next week!!!!!

We are soooooo excited to see these sweet faces in person!!!



Please pray I can get a bit of sleep between now and lift off. My “to do”, “to buy”, and “to pack lists” are growing by the minute.

Please pray for Fin and Mae,  as they are about to go through an incredibly difficult transition. The thought of what they are about to go through breaks my heart with that painful, can’t breath, kind of ache. I know in my head this transition has to happen, but thinking of all they are going to experience as they leave all they have known for 2 yrs….that is just too much. Please pray for them and for us as we prepare to walk with them through it.

Please pray from Mia and Mallie, who are traveling with us, as they watch them struggle. Trusting God has this experience for them as well.

Please pray for Mallie as she goes back to Hong Kong for the first time since her adoption. I am praying the time there is a gift to her heart!!!!!

Please pray for the boys as they go to TX with my parents, family, and friends. Pray they have “the time of their lives” and for the days to fly by for them and my mom =)!!!! Please pray for them and my parents to stay healthy during their time there!!!

I still can not believe these two beautiful babies get to be ours and we get to be theirs….. forever…soon….so very soon!!!!


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