A little on…..Fin’s Health, Travel Options and a Way to Give

I can not even begin to describe how “fundraising weary” we are. Constantly asking for money makes you eat HUMBLE PIE every. single. day.

When we first started falling in love with Fin and Mae we knew a large part of our journey as their parents was going to be fundraising, for both their adoptions and their medical needs and possible liver transplants.

We wrestled. And wrestled. And cried. And wrestled. And cried more and more and more.

Somewhere in the midst of that emotional tussle Mark and I began to feel stronger, more committed, more prepared to lay ourselves humbly down, more committed to opening ourselves up, more willing to change and grow, more willing to daily live in a way that needs others, more willing to be a conduit of God’s provision for 2 more beautiful lives. Fin and Mae.

They are worth it. They are worth every single fundraising ask. Every single struggle. Every single fear. Every single person that misunderstands. Every single thing we have already done and all that is still to come. Their stories are still unfolding. We have only just begun. We will keep eating “humble pie” as long as we need to for the sake of our kids.

We can not walk this journey alone. As much as I want to. As much as I want to be self sufficient, independently wealthy, and able to do this ALL ALONE. We can’t and I don’t think we are supposed to. I think God has a bigger more amazing story to write. One that includes miracles, provision, people, and community.

So in light of that….we just posted this on CrowdRise:

You can follow this link: Fin and Mae Fund

We are overwhelmed and humbled with the generosity of so many who have already contributed to our adoption of Fin and Mae. When we set out on this journey we had no idea how supported and loved we would feel this close to getting on an airplane to get our kids.

Both Fin and Mae have a congenital liver disease called Biliary Atresia, which often requires a liver transplant. Both of them have been stable since last year, but just 1 week before traveling to pick them up in China, we have learned that Fin’s health is declining.

There is still much uncertainty, but we are traveling as planned on July 29th. We hope and pray he will be stable enough to travel home with us Aug 15th.

Since this news, several friends and family have asked how they can give towards the upcoming expenses we will incur. Once again the community of people who are pouring out love and support overwhelms us. We are in AWE. AMAZED. HUMBLED.

We are preparing for many options:

1. Our hope is to bring Fin home right away and get him medical attention here in Memphis ASAP. This might include going straight into the hospital and being listed for a liver transplant right away.

2. If Fin is close to being healthy enough to travel home, but misses our adoption appointment already scheduled for Aug 4th/5th, then one of us will stay in China to get custody of him separate from Mae. The other parent will bring Mae home as planned on Aug 15th.

3. If he is too sick to travel within the next moth, then we will both bring Mae home and one of us will travel back to China to bring him home as soon as he is stable enough to travel.

All of those options include expenses we were not expecting to incur at all or in terms of medical expenses we were not expecting them to come this quickly.

The fastest way to mobilize giving is to use a platform like this one (CrowdRise). If we get home and know we are moving towards transplant, we will most likely change to another organization that specifically raises money for children’s transplants and oversees the use of those funds for the lifetime of the child. But with the uncertainty and time crunch we cannot set that up yet.

As we know of specific expenses we will adjust our “to be raised” amount (in CrowdRise). So please don’t be surprised if that amount increases over the next few days, weeks, or months. We want to be good stewards of all the money that has been entrusted to us for the adoption and medical care of our kids.

Fin and Mae Fund



1 thought on “A little on…..Fin’s Health, Travel Options and a Way to Give”

  1. Tona. Hamp and I will be donating a thousand dollars thru that website on your blog on Friday. Just wanted you to know it would be coming. we are praying God moves mountains for you guys..

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