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Hong Kong, Healing, and Homecoming

The moment you experience and touch your child’s culture for the first time with them when they are old enough to understand and take it all in, is overwhelming in the most amazing and beautiful way.

I have been a teary mess all morning. Sure it could be…….exhaustion, jet lag, the anticipation of seeing Fin and Mae in a few short days, the unknowns with Fin’s health, but more than anything today my tears belong to Mallie.

They are all hers.

As we planned our trip to China we were given an option of coming through Beijing (what most adoptive parents do) or coming through Hong Kong. For us there was no question – Hong Kong. Mallie’s city. While I wish we were experiencing the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square I would NOT TRADE these day in Hong Kong with Mallie for anything in the world.

Seeing her feel, taste, hear, smell, and experience Hong Kong is AMAZING. It is touching, something beautiful and deep and real in her heart, in a way nothing else ever could. Being the majority. Being with her people. Walking the same streets her birth mom walked. Eating her “happy” food. JUST BEING HERE. It is such a gift. One I knew I would treasure…but never could have imagined it would be this fantastic. Her love tank is so so full.

Happy Homecoming Mallie.

Mommy and Daddy are storing this time up with you in your city sweet girl. We love you like crazy!!!




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