Oceans, Moments, Attachment, and Monday

I am wide awake at 2:45am in Hong Kong. Gotta love jet lag.
Perfect time for an update.

We’ve had an amazing time in Hong Kong. It has been short but ohh so so so sweet.

Yesterday we went shopping at Stanley market and stopped by one of my favorite places on earth – Sheck O beach. A beautiful beach, tucked in the midst of mountains, nestled on the South China Sea. It takes my breath away.

As we hopped back in the car…what was on the radio? Hillsong’s Oceans. (If you don’t know… it google it. Amazing) It has been “my song” on this adoption journey. A sweet friend even gave me a necklace w/part of the chorus on it last week. So I promptly asked our sweet friends and kids just to give me a “moment” with the song turned up to breathe it all in. To remember. To be still. Just a moment.

A moment I deeply needed before stepping into this next phase of parenting. To remember WHO is with us on this journey. Whose sovereign hand will be our guide.

In just a few short hours we hop on another plane to Zhengzhou Henan.

We have not gotten any more updates on Fin so we are assuming he has made or is making the journey back to Zhengzhou too. Please pray that is the case. Pray for a stable little dude who can manage the next few weeks of travel.

Monday 8/4 is the day (Sunday night in the states). The day we have been praying for since the fall of 2012. And while we are soooooo crazy excited we are also grieving for Fin and Mae. They are about to have their whole world turned upside down and all they know taken away. It is a necessary part of their journey. But it is another loss and more trauma for them.
Please join us in praying for their hearts and minds. Please pray for us as we walk with them through this transition. We have no idea how they will respond but my gut is sweet Mae is going to struggle deeply. She is shy, reserved, and leery of strangers. She may struggle more in the beginning but attach faster to one of us once she warms up . Fin has had more transition and hospitalizations so he might be accustomed to more caregivers and not be attached to any one particular nanny. So in the beginning, he might appear like he is doing fine, but struggle later to attach to us as primary caregivers. Of course this is just speculation at this point. But what we know for sure is we have emotional work to do with them. In the world of attachment, both scenarios are hard. Both come out of loss and pain.

Please pray for their hearts to feel safe and secure. For the minds to be free from anxiety. For their bodies to not shut down in fear and regress in their health. For their sensory systems to not be over loaded. For peace to reign over them and us.

Only T.W.O. more days!!


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