We are…. in. the. same. city. as. Fin. and. Mae. Eeeeekkkkkk!!!!!

We landed in Zhengzhou around 2:30. Got to our hotel around 4. Settled in then went on our first solo adventure- Chinese food for dinner followed by a visit to a local convenient store.
We had to order by pointing to pictures. We are not in Hong Kong anymore folks.

A Few thoughts:

1.Of over 300 people on our plane we were the only Caucasians.
In a city of 7 million we have seen 1 other Caucasian so far. Loving that. But boy o boy are we being stared at. To be totally honest, if I had a bottle of black hair dye I might apply it. I have never wanted to blend in more in my life. I am glad to experience a moment of being a minority and truly think everyone should feel this at some point in their life.

2. After Mallie and I went through immigrations the immigrations worker asked Mia if Mallie was her sister. Yikes. So glad Mia answered firmly and quickly. My heart was racing. I could tell he was not used to seeing the likes of us. I have heard of too many horror stories. I was sooooo happy when we were all together on the other side of that.

3. The city is crazy fast moving. There are scooters zipping down the sidewalks where people are walking. It is nutso. Mallie almost got hit 😦

4. The part of the city we are in is cleaner and nicer than I imagined.

5. Chinese people are SOOO kind. They are so accommodating and helpful. Just lovely.

More to come soon.
Tomorrow the rest of our travel group gets here. We will travel to the bank and Walmart. Yep. Asian Walmart.

Only 2 more sleeps!!!

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