It is time to share… (and an AWESOME Memphis t shirt)

If you have been following our journey, there is a piece of our story it is time to share…

God writes beautiful beautiful stories. They are not without loss and pain but they are beautiful none the less.

Some have asked us if we have known about Fin since fall 2012 (as long as we have Mae) why didn’t we start his adoption at the same time as we did hers? IE. Why did her adoption start in Nov 2013 and his March 2014?

The answer? He had a family pursing him, the Johnson’s. We knew them via social media and common friends. We were cheering them on from Memphis. They are a lovely lovely family that love him w/all their heart. They began their pursuit of him from the moment they saw his picture in the same Show Hope newsletter we did in the fall of 2012. They were one week from getting on a plane to fly to bring him home and God told them to stop. He told them no. As we can only imagine how painful that would be. They grieved, prayed, cried, and sought council. It was a “no”. We were among a few to get the email they wrote to close friends and family sharing their heart break. We cried and prayed.

B/c God writes stories we could never script we received their news just hours after learning the other little boy we were pursuing in China had been matched w/another family.

After processing through our heart break for our friends loss, we began to wonder if Quentin (Griffin) was in fact OUR son. We loved him deeply and had prayed, cried, and sought The Lord on his behalf. I must admit I had mixed emotions when we initially learned he had a family pursuing him. There was a twinge of loss in the news. I swept it away and began to celebrate the fact that he had a future and a hope with an amazing family. But unknown to us and them, God wasn’t done with the story.

Our desire is to both honor the Johnsons and their journey, as well as Griffin’s story. We can’t understand God’s ways but we know He is God. I have a love and deep respect for them. I hold their loss and decision w/the utmost respect.

They own a company called Vintage Franklin that designs and sells t shirts and posters.
They are giving 100% of the profits from August 1st- 30th to our adoption and medical expenses!!!!!

Vintage Franklin Fundraising Page

They designed a Memphis t shirt just for us. I love it!!!!!!!

They also have Nashville, Franklin, Boston, and Chicago t shirts and posters that I love!!!! Click on one of the links above to make a purchase that will financially support our journey and get you some crazy cool product in return :)!

We know God knit our families together. We are continuing to pray for the Johnson’s as God reveals His plan to them. We deeply appreciate them supporting us on our journey w/Fin (Griffin Quentin) and Mae.

This story is in fact a “glorious unfolding”

(And yes it is 4:30am here and I am wide awake. In a few short hours we will be face to face with our babies!!!!!)


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