It Official!!!

We are officially a family of 8!!!! We stand in awe of God’s continued blessings in our life.

The day started out w/a bit of concern. Fin woke up after 12 hours w/out any urine in his diaper :(. We we immediately worried that he was holding fluid and his ascites (fluid in the free space of the abdomen that happens to people w/liver disease) was worsening. We called and chatted w/the American doctor that serves here in China and overseas the care of all the Show Hope kiddos. We decided that if he continued on that path through the day that in the afternoon, we would head to the orphanage to have the nurse examine him.

But by the time we got to the registration office to finalize the adoption he had a full diaper!!!! Needless to say we all did a happy diaper dance (not the first in our family and probably not the last) 🙂

After a few more adoption appointments w/the group and our guide, we ventured out to Walmart and Burger King on our own. Crazy how good a little comfort food can taste after a week!

We saw more and more of their personalities shine through today.

Fin is reserved and observant but when he laughs oh my stars you have never seen anything like it. Adorable!!!!!! He gets giddy at night when he is tired. He is slow to get moving when he wakes up. He feels 100% free to shake his head no when he does not want something. And today boy was he ever a head shaker :). From an attachment perspective, I am so happy about that. It means he feels free to express himself. He was a much pickier eater today and we skipped bath tonight. If he shook his head then momma and daddy listened :). We are all about building trust and connection. Lots and lots of yeses as we start getting to know one another. He wanted Mia to scratch his back at bedtime again tonight. Love the relationship they are building. Today we discovered he loves putting things in bags and carrying them around. He likes to drink water over juice. He loves yogurt and banana. He points at buses that pass by (his brothers will be so proud). He takes medicine like a champ. I am concerned about how jaundice he is and praying he stays stable until we get home. He is an absolute doll and we are in love.

Little Miss Mae is a firecracker. Oh my goodness she is such a tiny adorable stinker. She holds on to her paci w/an iron clad fist. I am guessing the nannies had already taken it from her, so when I handed it to her I won mother of the year award. We gave it back to her for attachment and comfort and she LOVES it. No regrets (remind me of that if she still has it at 5). She will eat ANYTHING and ALOT of it. Today she ate noodles w/veggies, watermelon, bread, rice crackers, yogurt, congee, rice cereal, banana, cantaloupe, snack crackers, and grapes. And she is tiny. She is 2yrs old and wears 12-18 month and the only shoes I brought that fit her are a size 4 sandal I can tighten. She was free with her giggles today. She was also free w/her grunts and finger pointing to make her wishes known. Once again from an attachment perspective,I am so happy about that. She loves things w/lids, books, her photo album we sent, bath time, stacking cups, and of course her paci. She loves handing me things and waiting for me to thank her…so cute. She and Mallie are developing a sweet connection which thrills Mallie to pieces. She had a runny nose when we got her yesterday and went ahead and started her on antibiotics last night. She has a nasty bark like cough that got worse through the night. Our guide got us some natural Chinese medicine today. Please pray it helps her. She is beyond adorable and I think we have our hands full :). We are smitten.



3 thoughts on “It Official!!!”

  1. love it…giggling along with you all and praying fervently for Fin! Believing for safe and (relatively) uneventful travels home and then easy-ish answers for him here at home.

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