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Imagine With Me…..A God Sized Dream #MFCC

It’s been a while since you’ve received an Ottinger update, so today I hope to bring you up to speed and ask for your help for an important venture!!!!

As you know Mark and I have a huge crazy big heart for adoption and foster care.

In addition to growing our own family in through adoption:

  • We have had the honor and privilege of walking with hundreds of families through their personal adoption and foster care process.
  • We have been blessed with the opportunity to teach and train thousands of parents locally and across the US in healing attachment and healthy homes.
  • We have advocated for waiting children that are now safely home.
  • We have also seen God open up a thriving relationship with the Department of Children’s Services here in Shelby Co.

Over the last decade, through our personal journey and the journeys of those around us we have been come acutely aware for the need for a holistic care team of professionals for families and children.

There are many parents who desire to grow their family via adoption and foster care but are ill equipped for the challenges ahead as they begin to parent a child that has experienced loss, trauma, or harm. Families and marriages struggle. Children struggle. Despair and hopelessness grab hold.

The best of intentions don’t carry the family through the difficult transitions and day to day demands of parenting a child with a unique set of needs. Nor do they help parents when they begin to see their own need for support, healing, and care.

Specific trauma-informed care, support, and education are vital – literally a life line for a sinking family. For almost 15 years we have been dreaming and praying for a place that can meet these important needs.

  • Imagine a place where every child that was adopted or in foster care feels safe, loved and ready to heal.
  • Imagine a place where children are able to freely express their loss, fear and shame with compassionate adults.
  • Imagine a place where the unique physical and neurological needs of children who have been exposed to trauma and neglect can be understood by educated professionals.
  • Imagine a place where parents who are struggling with their own attachment and connection can be cared for and supported without shame or judgment. 
  • Imagine a place where adoptive and foster parents have the chance to experience true connection and care from those who are ahead on the journey.
  • Imagine a place where siblings of adopted or foster children are able to express their thoughts and feelings with therapists that understand.

Over the past two years we’ve worked hard to provide such a place. We’ve now put together a team that is diligently working on opening the:


Memphis Family Connection Center is a holistic adoption and foster care support center built on REAL HOPE, healing, community, support, education and care for the entire family. A place where families learn to move from simple survival to deep connection, awareness and joy.

And now, we need your help! Here’s a few ways you can help us communicate and connect:

  1. Today (December 1st) we launched our first-ever online giving campaign. This effort will enable us to begin construction and renovation on our new space. We invite you to give towards this, share the need with others, talk about it with your family, your friends your coworkers. We have a God-sized goal – $45,000 – but we believe it can happen!

2) Join our mailing list to get regular updates! We want to keep you informed of God’s move on behalf of this new effort.

3) Join us on Twitter or Facebook, and share this effort through social media! We can only spread the word with your help.



Adoptive and foster families need a village of care and support to wrap around them. Will you partner with us in that work? We need you!

Thank you and as always – BLESSINGS!!!


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