Camden is not only our first adoption but our first child. Mark and I talked about adoption being part of our family design before we were married.

When it came time to dream about starting a family, through the words of some dear adoptive friends, God nudged our heart to adopt first. It was one of those life changing conversations that happens in the blink of an eye and you are never the same. I praise God for that day!

We started our adoption journey in 2000. It is crazy to consider, but there was no such thing as Facebook or social media at that time. There were barely any chat rooms or online groups and I was sure not on them. In fact, we got call waiting during our adoption process! So all that to say….we were out on our own and fundraising looked totally different back in those days. We had to rely on word of mouth and prayer to provide as we stepped into the world of adoption. But we believed God was leading and so we took our first step.


Here is a letter we got from the same friends A MONTH after our first conversation….


Speechless right???? 3 unnamed donors paid for our FULL adoption to South Korea!!! God started our crazy journey of faith and trusting Him to provide in mountain moving kind of ways!!!

Then we got a our first picture of him….OHHHH be still my heart…what a peanut!!!!


It was not long (sorry those who are waiting on South Korean little ones to come home…things moved quickly back then)…until we had him in our arms…


These are my first moments as a mommy” in the flesh” (I clarify that b/c I was a mommy the moment I saw that first picture and we gave him a name!!!)



He is growing into a man before my very eyes….where is the PAUSE button???????????


Being Camden’s mommy has changed me in every way possible. He has taken us down new roads, has opened our eyes to unseen things, has grown us in ways unimaginable, has taught us how to lay down our expectations and pick up the things that last for all eternity, he has shown us God’s heart, and he has blessed us far beyond our wildest dreams.


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