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Imagine With Me…..A God Sized Dream #MFCC

It’s been a while since you’ve received an Ottinger update, so today I hope to bring you up to speed and ask for your help for an important venture!!!!

As you know Mark and I have a huge crazy big heart for adoption and foster care.

In addition to growing our own family in through adoption:

  • We have had the honor and privilege of walking with hundreds of families through their personal adoption and foster care process.
  • We have been blessed with the opportunity to teach and train thousands of parents locally and across the US in healing attachment and healthy homes.
  • We have advocated for waiting children that are now safely home.
  • We have also seen God open up a thriving relationship with the Department of Children’s Services here in Shelby Co.

Over the last decade, through our personal journey and the journeys of those around us we have been come acutely aware for the need for a holistic care team of professionals for families and children.

There are many parents who desire to grow their family via adoption and foster care but are ill equipped for the challenges ahead as they begin to parent a child that has experienced loss, trauma, or harm. Families and marriages struggle. Children struggle. Despair and hopelessness grab hold.

The best of intentions don’t carry the family through the difficult transitions and day to day demands of parenting a child with a unique set of needs. Nor do they help parents when they begin to see their own need for support, healing, and care.

Specific trauma-informed care, support, and education are vital – literally a life line for a sinking family. For almost 15 years we have been dreaming and praying for a place that can meet these important needs.

  • Imagine a place where every child that was adopted or in foster care feels safe, loved and ready to heal.
  • Imagine a place where children are able to freely express their loss, fear and shame with compassionate adults.
  • Imagine a place where the unique physical and neurological needs of children who have been exposed to trauma and neglect can be understood by educated professionals.
  • Imagine a place where parents who are struggling with their own attachment and connection can be cared for and supported without shame or judgment. 
  • Imagine a place where adoptive and foster parents have the chance to experience true connection and care from those who are ahead on the journey.
  • Imagine a place where siblings of adopted or foster children are able to express their thoughts and feelings with therapists that understand.

Over the past two years we’ve worked hard to provide such a place. We’ve now put together a team that is diligently working on opening the:


Memphis Family Connection Center is a holistic adoption and foster care support center built on REAL HOPE, healing, community, support, education and care for the entire family. A place where families learn to move from simple survival to deep connection, awareness and joy.

And now, we need your help! Here’s a few ways you can help us communicate and connect:

  1. Today (December 1st) we launched our first-ever online giving campaign. This effort will enable us to begin construction and renovation on our new space. We invite you to give towards this, share the need with others, talk about it with your family, your friends your coworkers. We have a God-sized goal – $45,000 – but we believe it can happen!

2) Join our mailing list to get regular updates! We want to keep you informed of God’s move on behalf of this new effort.

3) Join us on Twitter or Facebook, and share this effort through social media! We can only spread the word with your help.



Adoptive and foster families need a village of care and support to wrap around them. Will you partner with us in that work? We need you!

Thank you and as always – BLESSINGS!!!


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Hong Kong, Healing, and Homecoming

The moment you experience and touch your child’s culture for the first time with them when they are old enough to understand and take it all in, is overwhelming in the most amazing and beautiful way.

I have been a teary mess all morning. Sure it could be…….exhaustion, jet lag, the anticipation of seeing Fin and Mae in a few short days, the unknowns with Fin’s health, but more than anything today my tears belong to Mallie.

They are all hers.

As we planned our trip to China we were given an option of coming through Beijing (what most adoptive parents do) or coming through Hong Kong. For us there was no question – Hong Kong. Mallie’s city. While I wish we were experiencing the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square I would NOT TRADE these day in Hong Kong with Mallie for anything in the world.

Seeing her feel, taste, hear, smell, and experience Hong Kong is AMAZING. It is touching, something beautiful and deep and real in her heart, in a way nothing else ever could. Being the majority. Being with her people. Walking the same streets her birth mom walked. Eating her “happy” food. JUST BEING HERE. It is such a gift. One I knew I would treasure…but never could have imagined it would be this fantastic. Her love tank is so so full.

Happy Homecoming Mallie.

Mommy and Daddy are storing this time up with you in your city sweet girl. We love you like crazy!!!





A little on…..Fin’s Health, Travel Options and a Way to Give

I can not even begin to describe how “fundraising weary” we are. Constantly asking for money makes you eat HUMBLE PIE every. single. day.

When we first started falling in love with Fin and Mae we knew a large part of our journey as their parents was going to be fundraising, for both their adoptions and their medical needs and possible liver transplants.

We wrestled. And wrestled. And cried. And wrestled. And cried more and more and more.

Somewhere in the midst of that emotional tussle Mark and I began to feel stronger, more committed, more prepared to lay ourselves humbly down, more committed to opening ourselves up, more willing to change and grow, more willing to daily live in a way that needs others, more willing to be a conduit of God’s provision for 2 more beautiful lives. Fin and Mae.

They are worth it. They are worth every single fundraising ask. Every single struggle. Every single fear. Every single person that misunderstands. Every single thing we have already done and all that is still to come. Their stories are still unfolding. We have only just begun. We will keep eating “humble pie” as long as we need to for the sake of our kids.

We can not walk this journey alone. As much as I want to. As much as I want to be self sufficient, independently wealthy, and able to do this ALL ALONE. We can’t and I don’t think we are supposed to. I think God has a bigger more amazing story to write. One that includes miracles, provision, people, and community.

So in light of that….we just posted this on CrowdRise:

You can follow this link: Fin and Mae Fund

We are overwhelmed and humbled with the generosity of so many who have already contributed to our adoption of Fin and Mae. When we set out on this journey we had no idea how supported and loved we would feel this close to getting on an airplane to get our kids.

Both Fin and Mae have a congenital liver disease called Biliary Atresia, which often requires a liver transplant. Both of them have been stable since last year, but just 1 week before traveling to pick them up in China, we have learned that Fin’s health is declining.

There is still much uncertainty, but we are traveling as planned on July 29th. We hope and pray he will be stable enough to travel home with us Aug 15th.

Since this news, several friends and family have asked how they can give towards the upcoming expenses we will incur. Once again the community of people who are pouring out love and support overwhelms us. We are in AWE. AMAZED. HUMBLED.

We are preparing for many options:

1. Our hope is to bring Fin home right away and get him medical attention here in Memphis ASAP. This might include going straight into the hospital and being listed for a liver transplant right away.

2. If Fin is close to being healthy enough to travel home, but misses our adoption appointment already scheduled for Aug 4th/5th, then one of us will stay in China to get custody of him separate from Mae. The other parent will bring Mae home as planned on Aug 15th.

3. If he is too sick to travel within the next moth, then we will both bring Mae home and one of us will travel back to China to bring him home as soon as he is stable enough to travel.

All of those options include expenses we were not expecting to incur at all or in terms of medical expenses we were not expecting them to come this quickly.

The fastest way to mobilize giving is to use a platform like this one (CrowdRise). If we get home and know we are moving towards transplant, we will most likely change to another organization that specifically raises money for children’s transplants and oversees the use of those funds for the lifetime of the child. But with the uncertainty and time crunch we cannot set that up yet.

As we know of specific expenses we will adjust our “to be raised” amount (in CrowdRise). So please don’t be surprised if that amount increases over the next few days, weeks, or months. We want to be good stewards of all the money that has been entrusted to us for the adoption and medical care of our kids.

Fin and Mae Fund



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You are not going to believe this….

I just have to share something that is so CRAZY GOD SIZED AMAZING it is undeniably HIM!!!!! For those who took the time to read my previous posts about my “Broken Hallelujah” and “Letting Grief Ooze On Out” are you ready for this?????

For those who have not been following along……You can catch up (here) but in a nut shell there was a 3rd little fella that Mark and I fell in love with in China. It was the original little boy we posted about before God did crazy amazing things to bring us Fin. Trying to explain all the details via the blog is difficult…but bottom line….God closed a door….He said NO and I have been deeply grieving. The grief over not getting the other little boy takes NOTHING away from Fin and Mae…it is a different story…a different journey…a different child…a different loss. I have felt very compelled to share honestly about it online, when I would normally hold these kinds of things close to my heart.

So on to the CRAZY GOD SIZED moment…..

We had a massive yard sale this past weekend…I will post details on it over the next few days…but this needed its own post and I need to tell you before I burst.

Friday morning of the sale my friend Elizabeth, who we did the sale with, comes running up to me with tears in her eyes and a box in her hand.

She said “Tona you are NEVER going to believe this!!!!!!!!!  I just quoted a lady a price on the sculpture in this box, but when she turned it and I saw the writing on the side, I took it from her ” ( lady was NOT happy!!!!! But this was an appropriate time to be an indian giver.)

I looked down and the box and started WEEPING. There is no other word. Bent over, in the middle of a hundred people at a yard sale and I wept. HUGE CAN’T BREATH TEARS.

I will share as much as I can without giving up too many clues as to who the little guy is that we fell in love with or where he is ….. b/c I want to do my best to honor him and his adoptive family.

But the orphanage where he is in China was started by a branch of a company in China that manufactures good…mostly faith based inspirational type items, including sculptures.

The side of the box said  in a nutshell….the sculpture in the box was created by “said company” and sales of this product go to support “said foster home” and provide medical care for the children, so they can get healthy enough to be adopted into loving homes.

OH MY STARS!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth knew where the little guy is.

She knew this was made by his orphanage/company.

She knew God was loving on me that morning in the midst of that crazy yard sale.

And that box was sent there FOR ME as a gift from the Lord.

We have NO IDEA who donated it, so if it was you….please LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!

But it gets even BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

The sculpture inside the box…..

Had this verse on it… 2-3


And was of this….

photo 1-3


A praying woman. One of my kids said “she looks like you mommy”. Bless that child…b/c mommy is a bit fluffer than that sculpture…but I will take it =)

Oh dear one reading….you have to know there is a GOD and HE LOVES you fiercely. He LOVES you so deeply.

There is NO OTHER WAY to explain THIS but the hand of a loving compassionate God who wanted me to KNOW WITHOUT a DOUBT that HE KNOWS my heart ache, my deepest hearts desires, my pain, my loss, my hope, my fear, my joy and that HE HEARS my prayers….and I AM NO MORE DESERVING than YOU!!!  HE LOVES YOU WITH A FIERCE LOVE.

He sent this praying lady sculpture all the way from China, from the company tied to the sweet baby boy that I love so deeply I feel like a part of me is missing, via a yard sale donation, to my friend’s hands who knew the story (lots of others were working the sale that would not have a clue), and sent it straight to my heart B/C HE IS ALIVE AND ACTIVE AND SEES AND KNOWS AND HEARS AND LOVES WITH CRAZY FIERCE LOVE.

And I am on my face in worship….offering up to HIM my broken hallelujah again!!!


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Taking off my mask and letting the grief ooze on out….

Sometimes the hard, and real, and raw need to be shared

Sometimes we need to pull back the mask and let the real coming oozing out

Sometimes we do it for us

Sometimes we do it for others

Sometimes it creates space for others to share – to feel

Sometimes it creates space for us process – to  heal

Sometimes it is just the right thing to do

Sometimes it is time

It is time

It is time to share my sadness. My grief. My loss

I have been holding on to it for weeks out of fear

Fear that sharing would leave me misunderstood

Fear that sharing would steal away from my precious Fin

Fear it would steal away from his story. His preciousness

If I shared how I was deeply grieving for the little boy we did not get (see Broken Hallelujah) then maybe you, they, everyone would question

Maybe you would question my love for Fin. My joy for Fin. My excitement over being HIS mom

But I decided to trust you

To trust that you would have the ability to offer me space for both

Space to both grief over what isn’t and joy for what is

I believe we have capacity for both

For both grief and joy

We prayed for months and months for a little boy and we longed for him to be our son with all of our hearts. God said no

That is not easy. It is painful. It is hard. It is ripping me up inside

I have been doing a lot of soul-searching work over the last few months

Why is this so hard?

What about this situation makes it so difficult for me?

A few days ago I realized this is my “loss”

This is my “thing”

This is the “thing I have hoped and longed for but it is not going to be fulfilled” thing

You see I have infertility

I had a full hysterectomy before age 30

But I did not grieve my infertility the way most women do

Infertility was not my “thing”

I questioned myself for years. Maybe I should have felt more? Grieved more? What is wrong with me that I did not weep and grieve the way most women with infertility do? Was I shut off emotionally? I had older women push back on me when I said “I was ok”, “fine”, and “it is no big deal to me”

But you see……when we found out we would never conceive, we already had two beautiful babies at home. Camden and Mia were already ours. We started our family through adoption. When we wanted children we chose adoption first.

I KNEW with every part of me that I was fulfilled. I never had to feel a baby kick inside of me to be satisfied.

So I never grieved infertility b/c I never felt like I longed for a child I would not have.

I had the children I longed for. If and when we longed for more children, adoption was a gift that we would gladly receive again.

I know that my story of infertility is so deeply different from most ladies I met and talked with. In fact, I often avoid talking about it altogether , because I don’t really relate and I never ever want to steal away from the pain, loss, grief, or any part of someone else’s story because my process was different.

A few weeks ago, when I was crying out to the Lord about why I am still longing for this other little boy  too…..please don’t misunderstand me…it is not “instead of” my other kids…it is “too”…I want Camden, Mia, Mallie, Dax, Fin, Mae, AND him….it hit me…this is my “loss”….this is my “thing”

This is the only time I have longed for and loved a child this deeply and them NOT become ours. (I cried out over Fin and Mae…and look what the Lord has done!!!!!!)

I have no expectation that this will be another “Mae and Fin” story where God will do some crazy stuff and make them ours like He did them.

I really feel like this is my “loss”

My “thing”

The thing I have to grieve

My “Broken Hallelujah”

The “thing” that will allow me to touch the grief many other women feel as they walk miscarriages, infertility, failed adoptions, and unmet desires to be married. Please hear me….I am not saying these things are the same or compare equally to one another….but they all come with paralyzing loss as women. They are the losses of a feminine heart.

So I am sad.

I find myself taken by waves of loss that are deafening

ALL the while I am OVERWHELMINGLY blessed and crazy FULL OF JOY for what is and what is to come.

I am certain the story God is writing will blow us away. I am expecting that. I am clinging to that.


I am giving myself space for both. No sugar-coating. No tying it up in a bow. No pat answers or quotes for this one.

Just hope, joy, and blessing sitting up next to pain, loss, and sadness.

And I am OK with that….

If you feel inclined to share your “thing”…. your “loss”….your “grief”……your “broken hallelujah” I would be honored to hear.

We need to hold space for one another,







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Yard Sale Madness and the Joy of Community

We are in full swing preparing for our mega yard sale with the Phipps (who are also adopting a precious princess from China) the sale has been coined  “The Ottiphipps Sale.” While it has been crazy and exhausting preparing over the last month, I am loving the picture of community being displayed in our midst. We have been blessed with generous donations and people sorting, loading, and lending us vehicles and trailers. We even had several families that were planning to have their own yard sale donate their items to us!!! We are in awe of His provision through junk…I mean treasures.

The details:

Yard Sale

We have a saying in our home “Many Hands Make Light Work”. If you would like to be one of our many hands and lighten our load by volunteering to help during the sale click here to sign up online.

It truly takes a village and we are so thankful for all those who have donated, sorted, dropped off, and helped us so far!

We have 5 storage PODs already and hope to fill a few more over the next 2 weeks. Please let us know if you would still like to donate.

At this point it is crunch time, so drop off donations are very much appreciated…but we can pick up larger items or schedule a pick up if you can not drop the items off.

Here are a few highlight pictures:







photo-18 copy 10

photo-18 copy 11



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How “Being Seen+Lavish Love=A Stroller”

A few weeks ago a nice, gently used, double stroller popped up for sale on a my facebook page. “Should I go ahead and buy it? It is only $75? But it is not really the colors I was hoping for. Maybe I should just wait? I have several months before I will need one. I have not even researched strollers in years. Is that a good price? I was really hoping for something neutral that would work for a boy and a girl…but maybe I should not be picky about colors. Maybe I should be happy with anything at a good price? But is this a good price? (hearing one of the kids call for my help from the other room) OK…I will wait.” Close computer. Move on.

Fast forward a week. At a local store. Walk by the baby section. The same stroller is sitting there shiny and new with a $199 price tag hanging from the handle. “Oh stink. I should have bought it when it was $75 and barley used. OK Lord….My fussy, color picky self, messed up. I should have bought it. Will you please provide another cost effective option? I will try my best to not be so picky about the color, but just for fun… can you maybe bless me with a simple gray or a nice light neutral green that will work for both a boy and a girl? Thank you for seeing me. I am trusting you know my heart and I will wait on you to provide” And I kept on walking.

At this point I should clarify all the above dialogue happened in MY HEAD…I do not talk to myself OUT LOUD!!!! =)

Fast forward to last week, while on vacation,  I got an email from a TOTAL STRANGER. We have a few friends in common but she found me via a liked tweet of a retweet of a friend that linked something that linked to something that led to a blog post where I mentioned having to prepare for the “are they twins question” about Fin and Mae for the rest of our lives.  Or stated another way….. she found me b/c God made a crazy GOD SIZED CONNECTION!!!

I will paraphrase but her email stated something to the effect of….

“My husband and I adopted a boy and girl several years ago from overseas. We have a STROLLER that I just had to have b/c it is SOOO FUN. It is called the “Boy Meets Girl Double Stroller by Valco”. It has been sitting in my basement and I have been waiting on God to show me the right family to GIFT it to. I know it seems crazy to reach out to a total stranger in a different state (she lives in GA) that I found online(via crazy God connecting) but I just KNOW you are suppose to have this stroller. Can we figure out a way to get it to you? Please don’t tell anyone who gave it to you. We just want you to have it. We love adoption and want to support you. Do you happen to need a stroller?”

UMMMM….insert my giddy ugly crying as I google “Boy Meets Girl Double Stroller” and see this gem…..


and then I see that it is a Limited Edition stroller that costs $799. Yep $799.


Please don’t hear me say it is about the money. It is not. It is about BEING SEEN. BEING HEARD. BEING LOVED WITH LAVISH CRAZY GOD SIZED LOVE. And being blessed beyond my wildest dreams YET AGAIN!!!!!!

HE heard my measly plea of forgiveness over not buying a $75 stroller. HE saw my unnecessary guilt over being too picky about colors. HE KNOWS my heart. He KNOWS my desires….however silly they are. AND then HE BLEW ME AWAY with the CUTEST STINKING STROLLER that I DID NOT EVEN KNOW to ask for b/c I did not know it EXISTED!!!!!!!!!!

So guess what my in laws are doing right this minute in GA???

They are picking up my lovely Boy Meets Girl Blue and Pink Stroller from a dear lady who was a stranger last week and is now a dear friend!!! She is part of our God Story. Yet another bullet point in the long and growing list of His lavish grace and provision. This time in the form of a stroller.

I can’t wait to push those two cuties through the zoo, while singing praises to the God WHO SEES and HEARS!!!





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Making Memories Without the Littles

My precious in laws treat us to a yearly vacation. We usually steal away to their time share in Orlando. Our days are filled with late mornings, slow days, multiple trips to the pools, outings to the local shops, and at least one day trip to the beach.

Today, Poppie treated the fellas to a day at LegoLand to celebrate Cam’s 14th and Dax’s 10th b-day. Dax said it was the best day of his life :).
Nana treated the girls to a shopping trip to the Vera Bradely Outlet. Tomorrow we plan to wade in the ocean at Cocoa Beach.

Sounds heavenly right? It is. This time together is much needed Sabbath rest. A break from the normal. Time to laugh, to lounge, to be together. A blessing beyond measure. We don’t take a moment of it for granted.

But today I am teary, heavy hearted, and raw. Part of our family is missing. We have two children that are not here. They are not in the family pictures. They. Are. Missing. Part of me is missing.

Stepping out of the mundane of normal life is like shinning a huge spot light on this painful truth. Making new memories without them is like pouring salt on a wound. Their absence is always a dull pain, but this week it is like a festering sore. Every dip in the pool and every crash of the salty water makes it sting even more.

I have noticed every toddler that walks by. Every mom and dad giggling with them, holding their hands, feeding them ice cream by the pool, and delighting in their presence. They remind me of the days we are missing. They take me to a new place of desperation where my heart literally feels like it is breaking inside my chest.

These days make me long for “our firsts” with Fin and Mae. Our first giggle. Our first family picture. Our first glimpse of their little toes. The first time they let us truly comfort them when their body melts into ours. Our first sleepless night when they are adjusting. Our first baths. Our first moments of time in the same room, inside the same walls, under the same roof…oh what a glorious day that will be.

But until that time, don’t mind me…you can just call me the “toddler stalker”

Waiting in hope,


The Passing of Days, Birth Families, and Pictures

We have loved our Littles since the moments we saw their faces peering back at us from the screen in Fall of 2012. We have watched the days pass as they grow through pictures. We have seen beautiful babies with yellow skin and eyes turn pink under the care of surgeons and medical staff. We have seen the fat of their legs and the rolls on their wrists enlarge as they are fed and cared for. We have seen their beds, their toys, their cloths, their care givers. We have seen. I can not describe the difficulty of watching them grow via pictures and not in my arms.

But my heart aches with their birth families. They aren’t watching them grow in any way. They aren’t seeing. They don’t know. They can only wonder. What does that do to the heart of a mom, to a dad, to birth grand parents, to those who love them? Oh my heart.

You see they have loved them since the moment they knew they were pregnant, since the moment they felt them kick or move. Since the moment they heard their first cries, changed their first diapers, took in their smell, tickled their little toes, and kissed their cheeks.

We don’t know what life circumstances, emotions, and decisions preceded both of their relinquishments. But we do know Fin and Mae were both visibly very sick. So we can assume their families knew they needed care. From that point we are left to wonder.

How I wish I could hug their mommy’s necks and tell them that their babies are being cared for. That their babies are alive. That their babies are thriving. How I wish they could see pictures. That they could know. That peace of mind could fill their wondering hearts.

Each day that passes without Fin and Mae home in our arms, I am not only reminded of our loss, I am reminded that their birth families are also grieving their absence. They are without their babies too.

Adoption and foster care are not without loss. They are because of it. There is a fracture in what should be. Yes, what is and what can be have the potential to be beautifully redemptive. I am in no way taking away from the beauty of adoption. I am a mommy b/c of adoption. Adoption is my life, my world, my hope. But to fully understand the depth of adoption, we must see the loss. My kids need us to see the loss. Our birth families need us to see the loss. My own heart needs us to see the loss. Out of the loss we can see healing. We can see restoration.

My prayer for each of our 4 internationally adopted children is that their birth families could KNOW that their beloved babies are loved with a love beyond words and that they are safe. Our domestically adopted kiddos mommas have the gift of knowing this already, but our other four birth families do not.

The first picture we saw of Fin


After the Kasai surgery

Quentin Original(1)

Growing up



The first picture we saw of Mae


After the Kasai Surgery

MaeGrowing Up

MaeMaeCan’t wait to kiss those cheeks!



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We are going to be a family of E.I.G.H.T.- Meet our SON!!!

We are going to be a family of E.I.G.H.T.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got the pre approval today from China that we can adopt “Peanut”.

I am going to do my best to lay out some of the details of his story, but I need you to do me a favor OK? I need you to go back and read a few old posts before you scroll down and read any more of this entry. Can you do that for me???? PLEASE???????????

Click on the post Been a little while, what is on my mind from Dec 4th 2012 and read #2. (You can read the whole thing but #2 is important). Then come back here.

Next click on Highs, lows, hope from Dec 6th and read Low #1-#3. Then come back here.

Oh the Terrific Trio.

How I love them!!!!

The first sweet girl Yossell is of course our Mae Yossell. Beauty in a gift to us.

The other dear little girl Yanka has been healed completely and is dancing in the streets of heaven, basking in the delight of our Lord. Whole, healed, loved. Can not wait to met her in glory one day.

And then there is Quentin. Melt my heart. We have loved him since the day we saw him. Begged God for him. And……drum roll…… he is our SON. Through a series of God sized events, he became available for us to adopt on the VERY DAY that we learned the other sweet little boy we had been praying for was matched with another family. THE VERY SAME DAY. Not the day before or the day after. Not the month or year before. Not the month or year after. T.H.E. D.A.Y.

We had no idea God would make a way for him to be ours. It was a total out of nowhere  move of God.

But that is what God does right? He writes the best stories. Better than anything we could ever imagine.

So we would like to introduce you to…..




I mean what a cutie right???????????

A few details for those inquiring minds!!!….

~Fin is 3 weeks older than Mae….so we are preparing to get the “Are they twins?” question for the rest of our lives =)

~Fin has the same liver condition as Mae, Biliary Atresia. He had one surgery to repair it and his health is stable for the time being. He may also require a liver transplant in the future.

~We first saw him in a Show Hope newsletter the MONTH after we saw Mae in Nov 2012.

~His English name in China was Quentin, which is a significant name for our family. First it means born 5th. He is our 5th child. Next it is the SAME name Dax was given at birth but a different spelling AND my full name is Quintona. God used Dax’s name being Quinton to confirm he was our son (different story for a different post) and we feel the same thing here. Just another sweet detail He wove into Fin’s story!!!

~Fin and Mae are in the SAME orphanage and live on the SAME floor!!! Both are being cared for by Show Hope via an organization called New Hope Foundation. They are getting great care and we are thankful!!!!!!

~We hope to pick them up together in late summer/early fall!!!!!!!!

~We will need to raise additional funds to help cover the extra cost of his adoption. More on that soon.

~We are thrilled to be blessed with another treasure. Let the boy shopping begin..oh wait it already did…I went today =)!!!!!!

Have more questions? Let me know!!! I will blog more soon!!!!!

Thank you for celebrating with us!!!!!!