Twinkle Toes or Spunky Monkey Mallie was our fourth adoption but is the third in birth order. She was adopted from Hong Kong when she was 3 1/2 years old.

This is our first picture of her in the orphanage pretending to shop for food (I should have seen that as a prophetic warning…she loves a good shopping trip and the girl can eat!!)


We were drawn to her right away. What a precious heart she has!!! We took all the steps to get to Hong Kong to get her as soon as we could!!!!

She was moved into a foster home during our paper work and visa stage and they loved her so well! We are thankful they helped her adjust to life in a family.

Here she is in the arms of her daddy, whom she adores, on her gotcha day…



Mallie is such a thoughtful, kind, playful, talented, servant hearted, leader, who teaches me so much about pushing through fear and learning to trust. She is an absolute blessing to all she knows and I am SOOO thankful I get to kiss those sweet cheeks every night and call her “daughter”!!!!


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