OHH Sweet Sweet Mia!!! We adopted her domestically as a newborn four very short months after Camden came home!!!!!!!! We were ready again and God heard the cries of our heart, when we would never have spoken them out loud to anyone!!! Who adopts F.O.U.R. months after bringing home a 10 month old who just had his first of many surgeries????? I suppose those whom God leads and blesses do =).

We prayed, we asked, HE heard us, and here she is the day we picked her up!!!!!


OH my heart wrapped in a little pink blanket…


Our hearts and hand were full to overflowing….


Mia is our smiling, tender hearted, passionate, animal loving, musical, artist, that shows us how to feel and love deeply. She is growing into a lovely young women with a heart for God and others. Wowed by her beauty both inside and out!!!



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