Fin & Mae’s Adoption Timeline ~ China

Fin and Mae


June 21st – Griffin’s birthday

July 9th – Mae’s birthday

Oct 5th – Saw Little Miss’ Picture for the first time on a Show Hope Blog Post

Oct a few days after seeing Mae- Saw Little Mr’s Picture for the first time on a Show Hope Blog Post

Oct 16th – Emailed asking CCAI some questions about them and if we would qualify

Oct  29th- Emailed a Show Hope contact to inquire about their health

Nov 1st- Was told neither of their files were started in China yet

Dec -blogged and advocated for them:

Dec 6th – Filled out a family info sheet for CCAI- “just in case” =). Shed lots and lots of tears over them. Could not see ” a way” for us to adopt them. Began the process of grieving that reality.


Jan- Nov – emailed CCAI adoption agency periodically checking on them and the status of their files. Searched the monthly newletter from their care center looking for updates. Prayed for God to move mountains, sustain their health,and provide families for them (HA!!!!). God did move mountains during this time, but we were too scared to hope that might be what He was doing.

Nov 6th – Got a call from CCAI adoption agency offering us Mae Yossell’s file!!!!

Nov 6th – KNEW she was our daughter!!!!

Nov 7th – Reviewed her file with the doctor

Nov 8th – Told our family about her

Nov 12th – Sent in applications, and Our Letter of Intent (LOI) to adopt Mae

Nov 13th – Started sharing with family and friends

Nov 14th – LOI on its way to China, Applications approved, Her File is LOCKED for our family

Nov 14th – Went public via social media

Nov 20th – Received pre-approval from the CCCWA in China!!! Let’s get this party started!!!


March 3rd – Emailed CCAI our agency asking out Quentin

March 5th – Griffin “Fin” Quentin’s file was emailed to us!!!!

March 6th – Sent our Letter of Intent (LOI) to China to adopt Fin

March 10th – Home study approved and in hand!!!!!!! Major hurdle jumped!!!!!

March 11th – i800a sent to USCIS

March 17th – notice of receipt of i800a from USCIS

March 25th – Received pre-approval from the CCCWA in China for Fin!!!!

April 1st – USCIS biometric finger printing DONE

April 4th – USCIS i800a approval expedited based on a letter of medical necessity for Mae, but they made an error on the paperwork

April 15th – USCIS correct approval in hand AKA I800a approval/ I797

April 25th – Road trip to Nashville for Secretary of State Authentication

April 27th- Documents overnighted to Assistant Stork Courier in DC for U.S. State Department and Chinese Embassy Authentication

May 22nd- Dossier Docs to our agency in CO

May 30th – Dossier to China (DTC)

June 6th – Dossier logged into China’s system (LID)

June 19th – “Soft” emailed copy of Letter of Acceptance from China’s CCCWA (LOA)- We got our LOA ridiculously crazy fast b/c of a medical expedite. So thankful to get our kids home months faster!!!!!!!!!!

June 24th – “Hard” snail mailed copy of  Letter of Acceptance from China’s CCCWA (LOA)

July 2nd – I800 approval

July 11th – NVC letter

July 14 – Article 5 dropped off

July 15 – Article 5 picked up (medical expedite)

July 21 – Travel Approval

July 28 – Depart for China

Aug 4 – Meet our sweet kiddos face to face!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 15 – HOME

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